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Fight the "epidemic" together, the donation list of powder coating enterprises/individuals

fight the "epidemic" together, the donation list of powder coating enterprises/individuals

February 13, 2020

the control of the new epidemic requires the joint efforts of the white soldiers on the front line and the people all over the country

fight against the virus and rush to Wuhan. Powder coating people are always exploring action research and taking joint funding from employers and finance

donation enterprises (organizations) or individuals: (exclusive, but the profits come up in no order)

Nippon China donated 2million yuan

BASF China donated 1million yuan and 500000 materials

Dow China donated 1million yuan

CHUANHUA Group donated 30million yuan

ChuanHua donated another 5million yuan, rushed to help Xiaoshan fight the epidemic

Guangdong Carrey powder coating donated 105000 yuan in cash

DuPont China donated 16000 pieces of protective clothing Other materials (about 2.55 million yuan)

Dandong Baite instrument donated 100000 yuan Donated more than 100 infrared temperature measuring guns

Jinan Yuxing Chemical donated 20million yuan

Arkema donated 26 tons of hydrogen peroxide

powder coating and coating fusion media "together donated public welfare donations. Biopolymerization requires a lot of oxygen, 2020 yuan

kesichuang donated 150000 pairs of goggles (about 5.6 million yuan)

Dow donated 1million yuan

Shaanxi Lansheng new materials donated 1000 yuan

Zhangjiagang Huachen plastic powder donated 200000 yuan

DSM China donated 1million yuan

CNNC titanium dioxide donated 600000 yuan

Huangshan Huahui technology donated 200000 yuan

Shandong Kerui industry donated 100000 yuan

Shanghai huaran paint donated 52000 yuan

Huangshan Huajia surface technology donated 200000 yuan

Shandong Saigao powder donated epidemic prevention materials and 2000 0 yuan

longmang Baili donated 5million yuan

Guangdong Qingtian Corporation donated 30million yuan

Guangdong zeheng donated 120000 yuan on September 4, 2014

Ningbo Tu Association members donated nearly 600000 yuan and 170000 yuan of epidemic prevention materials

Jinpu Group donated 10million yuan

Yuhong paint donated 100000 yuan

dawn Group donated 3million yuan

chairman Yu Xiaoning of dawn personally donated 1million yuan of epidemic prevention materials <

Jiujiang colorful pigment donated 10 tons Disinfection supplies

Xiaoji town powder coating Central Group donated 100000 yuan

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