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Personalized design of packaging products in the information age (Part 2)

generally speaking, the current popular aesthetic style of postmodern packaging design is the result of the integration and evolution of modernist classic aesthetic style and market style. The aesthetic connotation of harmony and elegance is always new with the development of the times. Breaking a single theme, opposing absolute simplicity, and expressing functional information and personality characteristics in multiple ways at multiple levels are the new trends in current packaging design. From the perspective of psychology, all people are eager to get rid of bondage and enjoy a colorful life. Personalized packaging not only means continuous innovation. Realizing the personalized design of packaging is an important aspect of realizing humanized design. High tech materials, whether environmental friendly or ecological, are inseparable from exciting forms. Therefore, we see that psychology also plays a vital role in the artistic development of packaging products. At the same time, the development of human psychology is complex and continuous, and the development of scientific and technological society has a new role in human psychology. Facing the open world, designers should broaden their horizons and look for the inspiration of personalized design of packaging products from all directions and angles

precious cultural relics, African wood carvings that originally reduced the amount of graphene to 1/510 of the earliest samples available, mysterious tropical jungle, unique tribal heritage, etc. are all sources of inspiration for personalized packaging design and display style and personality. The development of science and technology has broadened the vision of modern people. Through the processing of computers, people can quickly and accurately capture various elements in the micro world, the macro world and many unknown worlds that we can not understand in the past, so that we can surpass ourselves and freely give play to our creative potential in the palace of science and art. It has important enlightenment for broadening the thinking of artistic creation and showing unique personality style. For the feasibility and Realization of designing personalized packaging products, the following aspects will be considered

first of all, design is the precursor of personalized packaging. With the upgrading of the hardware system of computer-aided graphic design and the development and application of software programs, timely design has been achieved from the input of graphics, the creativity and drawing of packaging design. Before printing, all packaging design data can be digitized, so in the view of most people in the industry, the system can be ready for timely printing

secondly, advanced printing technology has become the basic condition for realizing personalized design. With the promotion and popularization of direct plate making system and digital printing machine, small batch and personalized timely printing can be completely realized

third, the ability and process level of container modeling and production system are the guarantee to realize personalized packaging design. In terms of packaging container modeling, personalized container modeling design can also be realized. The design of packaging containers can completely realize digital and paperless design. All kinds of inner packaging containers are designed on the computer. Form digital production and processing instructions to realize small batch and personalized packaging container modeling design and timely design. In the production of packaging containers, computer-aided manufacturing technology can be used to output the designed packaging container data to the corresponding digital mold or product production equipment, so as to realize the personalized production of mold products and ensure the rapid and accurate production of packaging containers

the ways to realize the personalized design of packaging products mainly include the following three aspects: cutting people from different growth stages to develop personalized packaging product design. People at different stages have different levels of maturity and personality psychological characteristics. Studying people's development stages and their different psychological requirements is helpful to endow new products with personality. Develop personalized packaging product design from different levels of consumers in society. The basic components of social composition are individuals and groups, which form various levels due to ethnic, regional, cultural and educational factors. People at different levels have different consumption needs and consumption methods, and they interact with each other. Therefore, in the personality design of new products, we should examine their similarities and differences to increase the scope of adaptation of products, so that a product can become a common symbol of individual identity and group members, a personalized product can become a symbol of a career or achievement, and a personalized product can not only meet the material needs of consumers, And get spiritual compensation and so on. Develop personalized packaging product design from packaging function. Modern products are developing in the direction of multi-function and special function, and personalization is increasingly valued by countries all over the world. In addition to paying attention to the basic utility of products, we should also pay attention to adding auxiliary functions and special functions, so that personalized new products have different characteristics compared with similar products

the diversification of packaging design personality style is also just in line with the requirements of the market for product diversification. With the continuous development of society and the continuous improvement of scientific and technological level, people not only need a great wealth of material products, but also need to match the spiritual enjoyment. People need their emotions to be respected, their personalities to be vented, and their emotions to be communicated. All these have put forward new topics and challenges for designers. As a designer, we should bravely face the war of picking up prices, and use our intelligence to reasonably carry out personalized packaging design, so that the packaging world presents a wonderful powder, each with its own characteristics

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