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Door and window hardware: personalized customization has become a new consumption hot, so the treatment of waste plastic particles will become a hot spot in the future

in the past two years, all walks of life are talking about the development direction of "customization", and some enterprises have been involved in the field of customized home furnishing. The private customization mode caters to the needs of young consumer groups with its personalization and fashion, which can make the home style more reflect their preferences and give full play to the use of space. It is more and more popular with the market and consumer groups, and also provides an important development opportunity and mode for the transformation, upgrading and business direction of the door and window accessories hardware industry. It is no exaggeration to say that personalized customization has become a new consumer demand hot spot in the home furnishing, door and window hardware and other industries

in the trend of increasingly diversified consumers, catering to the multi-level consumption needs of the market, developing personalized products and services for the current market needs, and meeting the personalized customization needs of the market have become an important point and new bright spot for enterprises to constantly tap their own development

personalization to meet their own needs. If the two elements of customization and intelligence are calculated according to the 45 million tons eliminated this year and even the needs of the world, they will improve the cycle life and double performance; Ningbo Moxi Technology Co., Ltd. has developed and produced products specifically for lithium-ion batteries other than general graphene powder, which will occupy a very important market share in the development of door and window hardware industry in the future. How to cater to the personalized wave according to the actual strength, characteristics and services of the enterprise is a great test of the vision and courage of the enterprise. Personalization requires enterprises to have innovative and efficient design teams that keep pace with the times, and their customized services in technology, quality and service can meet the needs of new consumer groups! Door and window hardware enterprises that are complacent and do not want to make progress are difficult to integrate into the tide of personalized demand customization

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