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Personalized design concept of personal care packaging (II)


serialization of packaging design: the biggest challenge in the packaging design of brand products is to maintain the visual consistency of the whole product family. That is, serialized packaging design, which refers to the packaging design of the same category of goods based on the premise of unified trademark patterns and text fonts, with different tones, water lines or different modeling structures as the keynote. It requires that there are differences in the same, and there are similarities in the differences, both diversity and a sense of integrity

in the practical application of cosmetics packaging, there are generally two situations: one is that cosmetics with the same brand and different functions are packaged in a complete set of serialization to facilitate consumers' purchase, while making the overall price lower than the total price of separate purchase. For example, a series of cosmetics of a brand should maintain the overall design style, and then use larger containers to package all kinds of cosmetics and sell them as a sales unit. Dove of Unilever has added hair care and skin care products to its original soap and bath products. All products are uniformly presented in simple and feminine packaging, which is a good example; The second is: a series of cosmetics with the same brand, the same main function, but different auxiliary functions, or a series of cosmetics with the same brand, the same function, but different formulas, in the packaging design. For example, the main function of a variety of moisturizers of a brand is skin care, but the auxiliary function is different. Another example is a variety of facial cleansers of a brand, whose function is facial cleansing, but the formula is different. For this series of cosmetics, the packaging design should conform to the characteristics of serial packaging design, which not only achieves the function of serial packaging, but also is conducive to the choice of consumers

personalized packaging: the packaging of cosmetics must be correctly transmitted. 1. The preparation before installation can meet the characteristics of cosmetics required by different personalized consumer needs, and express the aesthetic interests of different people, so as to successfully realize the sales of cosmetics

both protective and functional: today's skin care products are more effective, but also more refined. Its packaging needs to be protective, functional and aesthetic. In the past few years, the packaging industry has been committed to developing a product that can not only effectively protect the quality of skin care products, but also meet the needs of luxury and novel appearance. The emergence of multi-layer plastic forming technology can meet the above two needs at the same time. It enables multiple layers of different kinds of plastics to be combined and molded at one time. With the multi-layer plastic forming technology, our plastic packaging can completely isolate light and air, which oxidize skin care products, on the one hand, and knead different kinds of substances on the other hand. Get wonderful visual effects and unique hands in appearance

transparent materials: consumers want to see the feeling of quality and purity directly, and the sense of transparency is easy to create 3D effects, so transparent materials are particularly popular. This is why glass is still widely used despite its weight and fragility. However, this situation has been broken by a new plastic product made of detg material. The container produced by Nadel Inc in the United States with PETG is transparent and can hold all kinds of chemicals. It has obtained the characteristics that only glass once had. The appearance of this product is exactly the same as that of glass. In addition, PETG is easy to dye into different colors, and even after anti UV treatment, the transparency remains unchanged

advances in thick walled transparent plastic and glass packaging have driven attempts to produce 3D effects in all parts of packaging (double walls of containers, and/or covers, outer layers of secondary packaging). In addition, in the trend of transparent wall, the change of transparency (alternate or joint use of matte, reflection, flashing effects), and colored transparency are being used as alternative options

this has led to a major change in the replacement of glass bottles with thick walled transparent plastic containers. Many well-known brands such as Clinique, Avon, Revlon and Estee Lauder have gradually shifted their skin care products to PETG containers

the progress of technology has enabled the perfect combination of transparent plastic and glass, forming another new fashion trend. The packaging of Shanghai perfume launched by Rosen is a striking spherical bottle, which is divided into two hemispheres: the bottom is transparent and solid glass, and the same transparent top is filled with bright red perfume. The cover is made of transparent plastic, showing the golden nozzle and bottleneck. A transparent plastic belt extends through the cover, with a subtle Chinese style. The whole package display is very charming and exotic

product precise distribution system: some cosmetics such as mousse, perfume and other products adopt spray packaging and other packaging forms to facilitate the use of consumers. The packaging of cosmetics pays more and more attention to the structural design of containers and the design of accessories, so that consumers can easily hold, take and quantify in various environments

the distribution system that can conduct a precise amount of products is gas free (the gas will not enter the container during the distribution process), and/or the distribution of biphasic products is increasing. Pumps that convert liquid formulations into foam are becoming popular. Ponds and stridex use foaming agents as convenient skin cleansers. Even perfume building curtain wall physical performance classification gb/t 15225 (9) 4 conduction system also has this trend that if it is not lit, it will not show the rate: allow consumers to accurately spray the amount required

more complex dispensing devices such as pumps can easily dispense precise doses, while ergonomic elastomer accessories provide a more comfortable grip. In order to show greater value, the hose will be replaced by flat bottom tottle

Mini package: convenience is embodied in the mini package, which is easy to carry and valuable. It is embodied in the two in one package and additional accessories, such as cosmetic bags and mirrors. Because "small" is a major trend of packaging in the future

build a good nest small capacity packaging: for disposable small packaging products. In order to prevent rich nutrients from decaying rapidly due to secondary pollution in use, manufacturers fill them in tiny containers and use them up at one time. However, due to its high price, this kind of cosmetics will not become the mainstream product in the market, but it is the symbol of the future fashion and luxurious lifestyle, and will have a stable consumer base

the other is high-end products, which are packaged in small capacity to meet the needs of low-income people, especially to meet the consumption psychology of young girls due to curiosity

the packaging of personal care products needs to be protective, functional and decorative. The Trinity is the development direction of personal care products packaging in the future. In terms of decoration, fashion, eye-catching, vitality, interest and personalization will be the eternal theme of packaging design

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