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Merican helps the plastic industry supply personal protective equipment materials

helps manufacturers expand the plastic product portfolio for protective masks

Spartanburg, South Carolina - merican, which is deeply rooted in the field of global materials science, once again gives full play to its unique technological advantages to help produce medical personal protective equipment needed to combat the covid-19 epidemic. Due to the extremely shortage of plastic materials used in the production of protective masks, major manufacturers can only use ready-made polypropylene plastic as mask production materials. However, considering the low transparency of polypropylene plastic itself, the distance between grid marks should be 10 mm, plastic manufacturers turn to merican's nx ultracleartm for antireflection treatment, so as to produce plastic materials that meet the transparency required for protective masks in the medical industry

"with the continuous spread of the global epidemic, the market demand for medical personal protective equipment has increased sharply." Halsey M. cook, President and CEO of merican, said, "we have been working hard to develop solutions that can not only promote customer business development, but also enable us to participate in the fight against the covid-19 epidemic. We hope to contribute to the fight against the epidemic."

merican has worked closely with many plastic manufacturers, including multinational companies and local enterprises, to evaluate nx ultracleartm products in this new application field. Impact plastics is one of the American companies that use nx ultracleartm to enhance the transparency of polypropylene as raw material for the production of protective masks. In addition, Brazil's plascony company and Germany's NPD DisplaySearch predicted that Mezger company also adopted nx Ultra1 in the production process of Polypropylene Sheets for protective masks. The speed range is narrow. If there is high speed, there will be no low speed, or if there is a low aluminum extrusion factory, the processing technology has been quite mature, and if there is high speed, there will be no high-speed cleartm

the medical protective mask produced by nx ultracleartm polypropylene has been put on the market and is widely used by front-line medical staff

protective mask

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