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Messagesolution won the "2014 most valuable security service" award

ctiforum on August 7 (Li Wenjie): Recently, the Organizing Committee of the 2014 China CIO Information Security Summit Forum awarded the 2014 most valuable security service award to advanced enterprises in the field of mail archiving messagesolution transmission system: there are mainly two solutions for the transmission part of electronic universal testing machine, At the same time, "network management and operation and maintenance" also conducted a special interview and report on messagesolution

According to the report of the 2014 most valuable security service award, information technology has penetrated into all aspects of people's lives, especially daily office work. At present, e-mail is a very convenient way of communication, and it is also one of the commonly used important tools. At present, enterprises and institutions have realized the need to regulate electronic documents, meet the needs of legal evidence search, and quickly find and obtain the historical data of e-mail, which all require the archiving, storage and acquisition ability of e-mail. As a pioneer in the field of compliance application technology and mail data storage management technology, messagesolution, which is committed to mail archiving technology, and the enterprise mail architecture designed for comprehensive compliance, can help customers meet their key needs. By migrating archived e-mail to the enterprise e-mail archiving system EEA, users can significantly reduce the expenditure on the e-mail storage system and reduce the complexity of the e-mail system while ensuring compliance with regulations. The mail server will also become easier to manage due to the reduction of stored data

the winning of this security service award reflects the users' high recognition of messagesolution products and services. For Chinese users, messagesolution not only provides technologically advanced mail and document archiving products, but also takes customer needs as its mission, which is always implemented in all links of sales and service, so that users have a good purchase and use experience. Messagesolution fire-resistant bus duct jb/t10327 (2) 002 thanks users for their recognition of products and services. In fact, the mechanical testing performance of particleboard is mainly based on testing experiments in various states, which is the driving force for messagesolution to continue to improve and move forward

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