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Merican introduces a new HyperForm HPR reinforcing fiber

which helps to improve performance and reduce weight and cost

Ghent, Belgium - a new HyperForm HPR high-performance reinforcing agent launched by merican company. Compared with talc filled parts, using this reinforcing agent can provide higher strength and better impact resistance for finished parts; But the product is lighter. In addition, HyperForm HPR high-performance enhancer improves the feeding and operating performance, and produces a mixture with higher whiteness, thus helping users reduce the use of pure white masterbatch

hyperform hpr-803i reinforcer has been launched synchronously in the global market. It is mainly used for polypropylene mixtures, especially for automotive interior trim materials

hyperform hpr-803i enhancer can partially or completely replace talc powder in the mixture, and the same effect can be achieved with less dosage (generally 1/2~2/3 less than the conventional dosage). The interbody fusion device made of negative PEEK material can be compatible with X-ray photography and nuclear magnetic resonance imaging. Adam Watson, who is responsible for the marketing of HyperForm HPR series enhancers, said that the new product will bring significant improvements in liquidity to the mixing plants that need to use talc powder when developing new products

the case study of automotive interior parts shows that compared with talc filled parts, the weight of parts using HyperForm hpr-803i reinforcer can be reduced by about 20%, while achieving a better balance between rigidity and impact strength. In addition, such demoulding parts have higher surface finish and better scratch resistance

watson said that although HyperForm hpr-803i enhancer was originally a product tailored for polypropylene blends for automotive interior trim, merican and its partners are continuing to look for new uses. For example, the forming test of steam electric iron bottom plate shows that compared with talc filling compound, HyperForm hpr-803i reinforcer helps to improve production efficiency and reduce the warpage of parts

customers' experiments with foam materials and extruded plates have also been successful, which means that HyperForm hpr-803i reinforcer can also be used in extrusion blow molding and thermosetting resins

watson pointed out that the test of the mixture containing HyperForm hpr-803 reinforcer fully proved that compared with talc powder, this product helps to shorten the cooling time of parts, thus ensuring a shorter molding cycle. HyperForm hpr-803i also maintains f) the experimental method and experimental machine retain this advantage. In addition, in the thermal stability test, the parts involved in the test also showed excellent performance characteristics

unlike glass filled compounds, recycled materials have almost no loss of mechanical properties. In each stage of tension test machining that requires constant speed movement, the wear degree of the equipment is further reduced

"we are still continuing relevant R & D projects." Watson said. "Our current partners highly recognize the excellent performance of this new additive product - it can improve the processing process and use performance at a low cost. Now, we are working closely with processors and end users to identify and develop more application areas that can provide advantages for the whole processing chain."

hyperform hpr-803i enhancer can be purchased directly from merican. The product is free flowing powder, which can be added into the mixing process through the side feed port

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