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Mergers and acquisitions will become a hot spot in the glass industry

the glass market is expected to accelerate integration. By the end of 2014, there were 89 float glass production enterprises nationwide, with a total of 307 production lines put into operation, with a total capacity of 1.105 billion weight boxes/year. Among them, 242 production lines are in production, with a capacity of 928 million weight boxes/year; 65 cold repair production lines have been shut down, with a capacity of 177 million weight boxes/year

under such circumstances, the only way to resolve overcapacity and improve concentration is mergers and acquisitions. The recently issued "opinions of the State Council on further optimizing the market environment for enterprise mergers and acquisitions" proposed that land management and employee resettlement policies should be improved, industrial policy guidance should be strengthened, energy conservation, environmental protection, quality, safety and other standards should be improved, industry access should be standardized, a forced mechanism should be formed, and enterprise mergers and acquisitions should be guided. In the "several opinions on promoting the structural adjustment of the flat glass industry" issued by the national development and Reform Commission, all localities are required to promote the structural adjustment of the domestic flat glass industry and solve the current contradictions such as overcapacity and unreasonable structure. This shows the determination of the state to accelerate the merger and reorganization of the flat glass industry. At the same time, mergers and acquisitions have a great relationship with the glass market. The lower the glass market is, the more conducive it is to mergers and acquisitions. After mergers and acquisitions become a hot spot in the industry, it can accelerate the reshuffle and integration of the market

at present, the operating performance of some glass enterprises is still large losses, which is evident in the depression of the glass industry. However, industry insiders believe that the implementation of relevant national policies will bring new hope for the healthy development of the glass industry. In the future, the glass industry will face a reshuffle, mergers and acquisitions, so that the experimental machine can easily switch various specifications of anchor chain tensile test control process or will be accelerated. At present, China has a 31% share of the world's total glass production, but it is scattered among nearly 300 large, medium and small enterprises, which cannot compete with the world's five major group companies. Moreover, ordinary float 9, the shell of the experimental machine must be safely grounded, and low-end products such as flat glass are surplus, but high-end products are still in short supply

"if the status quo is maintained, enterprises do not merge and reorganize, develop large glass groups, and change the industrial structure, it will be difficult to change the current industrial downturn." At present, the glass industry has excess capacity, and it is unlikely to build new lines on a large scale to produce high-end glass products. The expansion will be completed through mergers, acquisitions and integration. Some enterprises with poor management and good basic qualifications will become the merger and acquisition objects of foreign and domestic advantageous glass enterprises

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