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Zoomlion intelligent technology company MES system construction "smart factory"

Zoomlion intelligent technology company MES system construction "smart factory"

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recently, Zoomlion intelligent technology company held an acceptance meeting of MES system (phase I)

at present, the market has strong personalized customer demand, which has shown a trend of multiple varieties and small batches, and the era of mass production has been gradually moving away. Reflected in the production process, it leads to the difficulty and workload of production management. Specifically, the production work such as staffing, scheduling, data statistics and process monitoring is becoming more and more cumbersome, even if the same raw materials and processes are used, which will make it difficult for the production system to work smoothly and efficiently. As a key component supplier of major mainframe business units, the change of production rhythm is particularly prominent

in order to solve this problem, Germany took the lead in putting forward the concept of "industry 4.0". If "production automation" is to let production equipment replace the repeated work of front-line workers, then "industry 4.0" is to use equipment interconnection as a means to make the whole production system "intelligent" to share the work of production managers, so as to further make the work of front-line workers simple and controllable. The MES system of intelligent technology company successfully launched is an innovative measure taken by the branch company as the pioneer of the company's "manufacturing + interconnection" strategy to solve the current production problems

mes system is a production information management system for the workshop executive level, which can provide enterprises with management modules including manufacturing data management, planning and scheduling management, human resource management, tool and tooling management, procurement management, cost management, etc., and can create a solid, reliable, comprehensive and feasible manufacturing collaborative management platform for enterprises. The MES system of intelligent technology company (phase I) integrates six core modules: advanced scheduling, personnel management, resource management, file management, material management and bar code management, and realizes intelligent scheduling based on capability constraints, including: paperless material handover deeply integrated with the storage Z8 system; Real time display of production process and abnormal report; The core functions of one cabinet and one file of traceable operators, materials and drawings are supported by Dezhou and Yucheng governments, which invest 10million yuan a year. MES system (phase I) has now been successfully operated in the environmental sanitation and electronic control lean demonstration production line of the branch company. The annual input cost is very low, and has created benefits of about 25000 yuan for the branch company. After the comprehensive promotion of MES system in the branch company, it is expected to create benefits of more than 200000 yuan per year

in addition to considerable economic benefits, the strategic significance of the successful launch of the MES system is more significant. As the most critical intermediate layer in the smart factory, MES system carries SAP system upward and connects equipment control network downward. With the purpose of meeting customer needs and the constraints of resources and capabilities, MES system intelligently analyzes SAP production master plan, and directly issues scientific and reasonable production instructions to production equipment or operators, eliminating the workload and hidden dangers of manual scheduling and scheduling, which will greatly improve the speed of production management Accuracy and satisfaction

there are 245million euros of free cash flow. As an important milestone in the development of intelligent technology companies, the successful launch of MES system announced that intelligent technology companies have entered a new era of "intelligent manufacturing" since then. In 2016, Chile used polyurethane sandwich panels as wall and roof materials. Energy technology company will continue to optimize the MES system, further develop functional modules such as quality management, equipment management and Kanban management, and promote them in more production lines to add bricks and tiles to the construction of "smart factory"

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