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Merkel is expected to visit China again in the near future to connect with made in China 2025

German ambassador to China KOH Muxian said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency recently that innovation will be the key topic of German Chancellor Merkel's visit to China again

a relatively perfect detection effect was achieved on October 8 It is reported that Chancellor Merkel is expected to visit China again in the near future. This year is the year of Sino German innovation cooperation. Focusing on the theme of innovation, the docking between made in China 2025 and German industry 4.0 has been steadily promoted

komuxian said: Germany and China can carry out more cooperation in the high-tech field to raise China's industry and manufacturing to a new level

Ke Muxian said that China's economy is facing great challenges, and the adjustment and transformation now is a difficult process, but he is optimistic about it. I don't think there will be a hard landing in China's economy

Ke Muxian said that he hoped that the Chinese government would release the signal that foreign enterprises or more scratch radius adjustment institutions would be more welcome to change the scratch radius and open the market, so as to attract more foreign enterprises to come to China, especially high-tech new plastic tiles can also be used by enterprises with any color production technology. At present, German and Chinese enterprises are looking for partners, and there are more opportunities for cooperation in innovation in the domestic market. At the same time, China has also carried out some technical research related to industry 4.0, which is also of interest to German enterprises, hoping to find cooperation opportunities

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