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The Merrill Lynch Paper Association called for more waste paper to protect forests. At the paper week of the American Forest Paper Association held in New York City, the chairman of the association, hen son Moore, claimed that the recycling rate of waste paper in the United States increased by 3% to 48% in the past year. This performance was due to the increase in the demand and consumption of recycled waste paper, the improvement of recycling methods and the booming overseas market, which increased the export volume, Among them, the recovery rate of used newspapers and periodicals (ONP) increased by 3% to 71%, and the recovery rate of used corrugated boxes (OCC with too cumbersome software) increased by 6% to 75%. Weyerhaeuser Co. said that it was expected that the demand for recycled waste paper could increase by about 5million tons this year

the chairman believed that the achievements of waste paper recycling were of great help to the sustainable development of forestry. By the end of this year, about 78million acres of forests in the 10000 acres of sustainabl for forestry (although the varieties of experimental machines in each category are also different) launched in the United States and China will be expected to obtain a third-party certificate

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