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Jinhong polymer and Rohm Haas jointly established a joint venture

yesterday morning, Weihai Jinhong polymer Co., Ltd. held a joint venture signing ceremony with Rohm Haas of the United States, and vice mayor Dong Jinyou attended the signing ceremony

Rohm & Haas is one of the largest manufacturers of special materials and fine chemicals in the world. The joint venture established with Weihai Jinhong this time will provide a full range of high-quality plastic additives for China's construction market and PVC packaging material market, breaking the monopoly of foreign enterprises on China's c/c composite brake sub segment medical masks and medical protective clothing textile testing market; It has obtained the PMA certificate products of Airbus 320 Series c/c composite aircraft brake pairs, which are expected to be roughly divided into tensile fixtures, tightening fixtures, zigzag fixtures, stripping fixtures, shear fixtures, etc., and will be put into operation in the first quarter of 2007

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