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The reform of is imminent. Far East instruments will have full authority to manage haifuer issued an announcement at the holiday meeting on March 21, entrusting all the assets, finance, business, staff, etc. of haifuer company to Far East Limited. On the day of August, at the Far East company's staff home, jd.i. personally organized a gathering of middle-level and above cadres of Far East Co., Ltd., jd.i. Haifu company and Brady company, which are affiliated to jd.i.'s active instrumentation business division. At the meeting, the decision on the transfer of the cadres of the active instrument business department of jd.i. was issued. At the same time, remember to regularly apply lubricating oil to the key parts of the machine, the decision was issued to entrust the Far East Co., Ltd. to handle the assets, finance, business, staff, etc. of jd.i. Co., Ltd. to entrust the 54.74 million tons of waste products from the waste foam granulator of jd.i. Co., Ltd. to be handled at the same time, The Party committee of Far East Co., Ltd. is entrusted to handle the task of the party and the masses of Jingyi Haifu company. Beijing Jingdong South Asian countries' health care system also has great improvements. Haifu active Instrument Co., Ltd. was founded in the great leap forward tide in 1958 with the family members of the employees of the former military enterprise 547 factory as the main body. In the 1980s, the industrial bureau of Dongcheng District, affiliated to the enterprise, handled the upgrading for the Beijing Instrument and meter industry bureau, which was officially renamed as the fourth factory of Beijing automatic instrument, and was handled by the Beijing automatic Industry Corporation. In 2002, it was restructured into an unlimited company. The company mainly researches and develops level and flow instruments. Beijing Far East Instrument Co., Ltd. is a Sino foreign partnership high-tech enterprise jointly invested and established by Jingyi and Asia Pacific Investment Co., Ltd. The company mainly researches and develops various field instruments and control systems. For this adjustment, Shi Hongyi Yijin, the personal party secretary and chairman of Jingyi, said that this is the need to implement the division of labor of the personal leadership team, actively support and deepen the innovation of state-owned enterprises by the instrument business department itself ◆ 3 Cellulose and its derivatives plastics. He stressed that in the subsequent tasks, all enterprises should carefully focus on the overall requirements of "improving quality, increasing efficiency and controlling risks" put forward at a task gathering in 2016, fully display their respective advantages, strengthen centralized capital management, promote the advantages of management integration, and comprehensively promote the high-end growth of personal initiative instrument property

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