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Jinheng paper strives to become the largest modern paper-making enterprise in the three northeast provinces within three years

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core tip: in the huge warehouse of Jiamusi Jinheng Paper Co., Ltd., there is a strong visual contrast. On one side, there are mountains of colorful waste paper, and on the other side, there is a neatly placed dilemma, rolled yellow cardboard, from waste paper to profitable "gold" paper, Jinheng paper industry has realized turning waste into treasure. Through the advanced papermaking production line, waste products in the eyes of others have become the treasure of enterprises to earn profits

[China Packaging News] in the huge warehouse of Jiamusi Jinheng Paper Industry Co., Ltd., there is a strong visual contrast. On one side, there are mountains of colorful waste paper, and on the other side, there are neatly placed rolls of yellow cardboard, which has changed from waste paper to profitable gold paper. Jinheng paper industry has realized turning waste into treasure through advanced paper production lines, but this kind of cardboard has poor vapor permeability, Waste products in the eyes of others have become the treasure for enterprises to earn profits

Jiamusi Jinheng Paper Co., Ltd. was invested and constructed by Guangdong Dongguan Jiaxiang Paper Co., Ltd. in 2013. The total investment of the project is 210 million yuan, and the first phase investment is 180 million yuan. In September 2015, the first phase project was completed and officially put into operation, which can achieve an annual output of 100000 tons of high-grade box board paper and imitation kraft linerboard. It is understood that at present, the use of box board paper in Heilongjiang Province is mainly supplied by paper-making enterprises in Liaoning Province. The annual use of box board paper in the province is about 1.5 million tons to 2 million tons. The market potential is huge, and local paper-making enterprises are urgently needed to seize the market. Jinheng paper industry uses waste paper shell for chemical free pulping to produce high-grade box board paper. The emergence of this enterprise can not only fill the gap in the packaging market in Heilongjiang Province, but also add highlights to the circular economy in Jiamusi city

in the warehouse where waste paper is stacked, careful people can find that some of the words on the waste paper are in Russian. These raw materials are imported from Russia. Although the waste paper looks broken on the surface, there is no difference, according to the staff: compared with domestic straw pulp paper, the waste paper imported from Russia is wood pulp paper, with good fiber length and better quality. It is understood that during the Kazakhstan fair last year, this enterprise took the initiative to communicate and negotiate with Russian enterprises, and successfully connected with Russian enterprises. At present, 30% of the raw materials of the enterprise come from Russia and 70% from China. When enterprises recycle raw materials at home, they are more inclined to recycle locally. The price of local waste paper is 900 yuan per ton, and the price of foreign waste paper is as high as 1100 yuan per ton due to the addition of freight. This can not only effectively reduce costs, but also contribute to the recycling of waste in Jiamusi city

in the production workshop, each bundle of waste paper weighing about one ton is queued into the giant pulper, which can crush more than ten tons of waste paper at a time. Due to advanced technology, it can keep the waste paper fiber from breaking, so as to improve the quality of products. Then, the crushed pulp enters the pulping machine and paper machine, and after a series of tempering, such as hanging pulp, squeezing moisture, drying, quality inspection, etc., the flat and clean box board paper with a width of 4 meters is fresh out of the furnace. It is understood that in order to ensure product quality, the enterprise uses advanced intelligent scanners to accurately detect the quantitative water content of the paper through the network, and dot it more than 1000 times per minute. Once the quantitative water content is found to be inconsistent with the set value, the valve of the paper machine can be automatically adjusted, which improves the accuracy compared with the previous manual adjustment, and the product quality is more stable. It is understood that this paper production line, with a total investment of more than 30 million yuan, is an advanced paper production line in China. The enterprise has advanced waste paper treatment technology. The high-end box board produced has the characteristics of good toughness, strong folding resistance, promoting the sustainable development of XPS industry, and the quality standard is higher than the national standard

for the sewage produced by papermaking, the enterprise has also established a sewage treatment station, which can treat 300 oil (water) holes and oil (water) roads every day. It must be clean and dredged 0 cubic meters. After the sewage treatment, the enterprise still recycles the water, effectively saving costs, which is conducive to environmental protection and energy conservation. In the eyes of this enterprise, all waste products have utilization value, and there will be no waste at all, which will eventually produce benefits

at present, the production of this enterprise has been on track. Every day, 15 large trailers with a load of 30 tons will transport products to the city and surrounding areas, and 40% of the annual output will be sold back to Russia to earn foreign exchange for the enterprise

after the first phase is put into operation, the enterprise is planning the construction of the second phase paper machine production line, which is expected to be officially put into operation in August 2016. It is expected that the annual sales revenue of the company will reach 340 million yuan and the tax will reach 35 million yuan. Jinheng paper industry is not satisfied with the current situation. They seize the favorable opportunity of the construction of the National Road and the Longjiang thought belt, aim at the Russian market with a more long-term development vision, and strive to open up a broader Russian market. Strive to develop Jinheng Paper Industry Co., Ltd. into the largest modern paper enterprise in the three northeast provinces within 2 to 3 years

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