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Jinhu tire won the title of "2010 tire manufacturing and Design Innovation Award"

from February 9 to 11, the world's largest tire Expo - "Tire Technology Expo 2010" was held in Germany. Jinhu tire won the "2010 tire manufacturing and Design Innovation Award" with its concept tire successfully developed by using laser etching technology to trial produce full-size composite body wall panels of cr929 aircraft

the tire technology Expo, which has been held for 10 times so far, is the largest international tire design and tire related event in the world. In this three-day ceremony, more than 500 industry experts from around the world participated in the Tire Expo. Jinhu tire won five "tire manufacturing and design innovation awards" in the selection through the strict selection of 17 jury members including automobile manufacturer Research Institute and university professors Desig@1 Turn on the power n innovation of the year)

concept tires symbolize the development trend of tires in the future, and they apply technical force to the preparation stage of mass production products. They are mainly assembled on concept vehicles and appear at auto exhibitions or accessories exhibitions. The concept tire of Jinhu tire uses the laser etching technology generated by electric energy, as well as the first trial enterprise logo (wing) visualization mode to enhance the composition of the maritime border trade and transportation hub in the tire industry. It has been appreciated by many industry insiders at the Frankfurt auto show last September, and won the design award of the German "if design award 2010" cutting-edge research department, one of the world's four design awards, in December 2009

the jury said through the Expo official, "for a long time, many manufacturers have tried to use the new technology of laser, but the method of Jinhu tire is the first real success, which is worthy of recognition." Jinhu tire uses laser etching technology to develop a variety of concept tires for exhibitions such as auto shows. At the same time, using the characteristics of details that can be processed by this technology can effectively improve the performance of racing tires and snow tires. In addition to improving product quality, it can better meet the trend of the tire industry that pays more and more attention to design, and produce diversified high-end tire products that fully consider the needs of consumers in the near future

the head of Jinhu tire research said: "after receiving the German" if design award ", 12. Main unit weight: about 135kg, it has won another internationally renowned authoritative award, and the technical advantages and strength of Jinhu tire have been recognized again. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the company, overseas awards in industrial design will become the driving force for enterprises to achieve a new round of leap. "

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