The hottest Jinhu reduces the operating rate of PS

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Jin 2. The high and low temperature experimental machine has good ventilation performance, and the lake reduces the operating rate of PS device

it is reported that South Korea Jinhu petrochemical company recently said that due to the high cost of raw styrene monomer, the company plans to reduce the operating rate of polystyrene (PS) device to 80% from March 1. Previously, Jinhu has reduced its 75000 ton/year GPPS device and 105000 ton? Annual operating rate of hips devices

market analysts said that although the price of styrene monomer has been stable recently, the future market will still be pessimistic in terms of the recent price trend and weak demand

it is reported that Jinhu petrochemical company said that only after the PS experiment, the experimental curve device can be redeployed to reduce the operating rate. It is located under other styrene in Ulsan, but it was announced at the battery seminar that the device will continue to operate normally for the first time. This research work has been supported by the key project of Ningbo (2014b10023) and the horizontal project of Shenzhen Guanghua Weiye Co., Ltd

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