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Shanghai Jinpeng: Shanghai Jiaotong's independent blowout suggests short-term entry and exit.

today, Shanghai Jiaotong closed at the daily limit. It opened higher at 22960 in the morning and quickly rose after the opening. After hitting the second high of 510 today, it fluctuated in a narrow range and made energetic consolidation. It touched the daily limit before the afternoon. Its position increased by 1034. It also controls the continuous improvement of five factors. The trading volume was 118342. The change of trading volume and position was general, The rise of Shanghai rubber was partly due to the sharp rise of domestic industrial products, which closed at 23600. The hydraulic universal testing machine for castings, a product with strong versatility, rose by 905 points. Today's blowout was also stimulated by the soaring oil price on Friday and the domestic cutting stoppage. The domestic spot price of 21685 also formed a support for the long-term price. The above is the short-term import and export of today's content sharing on hydraulic testing machine

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