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Shanghai Jintai sx40 double wheel milling multi advantage competitive international brand

Shanghai Jintai sx40 double wheel milling multi advantage competitive international brand

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in recent ten years, China's construction machinery enterprises and peek's good thermal insulation have grown rapidly in the fierce market competition. Local brands have gained higher market recognition than international brands in most segment industries. The breakthrough in the field of Shanghai Jintai double wheel slot milling machine is the best evidence. The birth of sx40 double wheel milling took the lead in breaking the monopoly of international brands in this field, and its significant cost performance advantage, corresponding service speed and low-cost operation efficiency brought about by unique process design make this product vibrant as soon as it was born

the symbol of the strength of equipment enterprises

since the early 1980s, the underground diaphragm wall technology has been introduced into China and has been widely used in foundation engineering. With the in-depth development of underground space development, the corresponding supporting equipment has also developed from a simple mechanical drill to a wide variety of electromechanical hydraulic integrated piling machinery

Shanghai Jintai sx40 double wheel milling multi advantage competitive international brand

at present, the relevant technology of constructing underground diaphragm wall in soft soil layer in China has developed well, but in hard stratum such as gravel or rock, the construction technology of underground diaphragm wall is still in the preliminary stage. The common equipment used in the construction of underground diaphragm wall includes hydraulic grab, rotary drilling rig and double wheel milling. Among them, the double wheel slot milling machine has the highest efficiency and the most expensive price. The double wheel groove milling machine is suitable for large-depth excavation. It has the advantages of strong cutting force, good stability, high efficiency and low risk. It can effectively control construction settlement. It is far superior to other equipment in terms of groove depth, groove speed and vertical accuracy. At the same time, the construction noise is low, which can effectively reduce the impact on the environment

double wheel milling is the most high-end equipment with the most technical content in the construction equipment of underground diaphragm wall. Only a few professional enterprises such as Bauer in Germany, casagrand in Italy and Soilmec in Italy have the R & D and production capacity. For the vast number of Chinese construction enterprises, the price of the imported double wheel slot milling machine is amazing. The market price is about 10000 yuan, and the market rental price is as high as 40000 yuan/day. Although the high construction efficiency reduces the comprehensive cost, the high price still makes many domestic construction enterprises sigh. Because of this, whether to have a double wheel slot milling machine has become one of the symbols to measure the strength of construction enterprises

"if a construction enterprise has a double wheel slot milling machine, it means that the enterprise has reached the top level in the industry and can undertake many difficult and demanding projects. Without Shanghai Jintai's sx40 double wheel milling machine, we can't get the Nanchang Metro project." Guojianzhi, senior engineer of Jiangxi geological engineering group, said

in the feasibility analysis of the project construction, Jiangxi Geological Engineering Group Corporation has calculated that if the imported double wheel slot milling machine is used, the overall construction cost will not be reduced, and the whole project will certainly lose money. However, if the products of Shanghai Jintai are used, the construction cost can be reduced by two-thirds, which is also the confidence of the company to take over the Nanchang Metro project

Shanghai Jintai Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is the first well-known domestic enterprise to enter the development of underground construction machinery in China to become a beneficial means to economize on oil resources, reduce production costs and increase economic benefits. Its multi-functional drilling rig, underground diaphragm wall hydraulic grab, multi-axis drilling machine and other products have received good market response, meeting the construction needs of different projects. Shanghai Jintai regards scientific and technological innovation as the core competitiveness of enterprise development. In recent years, it has continuously introduced equipment products with special construction methods to the market, solving the technical problems of many national key projects. Sx40 double wheel milling is another major breakthrough for Shanghai Jintai

Shanghai Jintai sx40 double wheel milling multi advantage competitive international brand

it is reported that the sx40 adopts modular design, and the function of the slot milling machine is to expand the function of Jintai sg60 grab, which can quickly convert between grab function and slot milling function. It is a multi-functional equipment. The sx40 is much lower than the imported equipment in terms of operating cost, host energy consumption, equipment price, maintenance response, transportation cost, etc. In addition, sx40 double wheel milling has strong adaptability to stratum and powerful torque of milling head, which can meet more than 80% of the construction of diaphragm wall projects in China

according to the data, the double wheel slot milling machine project is one of the key topics of the "12th Five year national science and technology support plan" key technology R & D and industrialization of construction equipment. Lin Jian, general manager of Shanghai Jintai, said that many domestic enterprises are trying to develop double wheel slot milling machines, but they encounter many technical bottlenecks in the research and development process. The sealing technology of the milling wheel is one of the core technologies, which can ensure the consistent sealing performance of the milling wheel during underground construction. The sx40 adopts the dual sealing technology of floating sealing device and static and dynamic pressure compensation device to maintain the balance of internal and external mud pressure of the milling head, and effectively solves the problem that the internal leakage of mud is proportional to the size of external force P due to the strain of elastic element. In addition, the pull saw cutting device, one of the patented technologies of sx40, cleverly completes the milling of the blind area between two milling wheels by means of constant speed pull saw and impact pull saw. According to relevant persons from Shanghai Jintai R & D department, during the development of sx40 double wheel milling, a total of 7 patented technologies have been produced, including 2 invention patents and 5 utility model technology patents. It is particularly worth mentioning that the sx40 innovatively adopts the unique gas lift reverse circulation process in the slag discharge design, which is different from the pump discharge of similar foreign equipment, and reduces the construction cost to a greater extent

in terms of price, sx40 double wheel milling has significant advantages. The market price of sx40 is only one third of that of foreign equipment, which greatly reduces the construction cost of Chinese construction enterprises. Since its launch, sx40 double wheel milling has been successfully applied in many key projects, such as Hangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, Nanchang Metro Line 2 river crossing tunnel, Guangzhou Metro pithead hub, etc. Shanghai Jintai has won high praise from the owner for its independent innovation, pioneering courage and sx40's cost performance

holographic service creates value for customers

Jiangxi Geological Engineering Group Co., Ltd. is a loyal partner of Shanghai Jintai, and the two sides have a cooperation history of more than ten years. Jiangxi Geological Engineering Group Co., Ltd. has more than ten sets of piling equipment from Shanghai Jintai. It is not only the first customer of sx40 double wheel milling, but also participated in the actual test process of sx40, which contributes to the successful launch of this product

Shanghai Jintai sx40 double wheel milling multi advantage competitive international brand

under the operation of Jiangxi Geological Engineering Group Co., Ltd., double wheel milling showed its skills in the construction of Nanchang Metro for the first time. It is understood that due to the long section of the river crossing tunnel of Nanchang Rail Transit Line 2, it is necessary to set up an intermediate air shaft in the tunnel to strengthen the air circulation in the internal space of the tunnel. The project is an open cut underground 5-story double column 3-span structure. In addition to the function of rail transit air shaft, municipal facilities will also be built; The retaining structure of the project adopts an 80cm underground continuous wall structure, with a wall depth of 34m, of which the bottom 20m is located in the rock stratum, so the construction is difficult, and the construction safety signs and quality requirements are high. If the traditional percussion drilling method is used for construction, the efficiency is very low, the noise is large, and the comprehensive cost is very high; If foreign double wheel milling products are used, the construction company can not afford the high cost. Now, the sx40 has successfully solved this problem. In the actual construction, all the working indicators of the equipment are satisfactory

guojianzhi knows the performance of sx40 like the back of his hand. Guojianzhi has also used double wheel milling of international brands. He believes that the work efficiency of sx40 is basically equivalent to that of international brands, but it has significant advantages in cost. It is estimated that the comprehensive use cost of a set of international brand double wheel milling in one month is about 3million yuan; The cost of sx40 in one month is only about 1million yuan. This has greatly enhanced the market competitiveness of enterprises. Guojianzhi said that taking the Nanchang Metro project as an example, in the past, the construction cost of one cubic meter reached more than 3000 yuan, but now it can be controlled below 2000 yuan. Such a substantial decline in the cost is a great joy for construction enterprises, developers and taxpayers

in addition, Shanghai Jintai's after-sales service response is also better than that of foreign brands. Different from many pavement machinery, the characteristics of "small batch and customization" in the piling machinery market put forward higher requirements for technical services. Shanghai Jintai's "holographic service" model is second to none in the industry. The so-called "holographic service" means that on the basis of the traditional "7*24 all-weather" after-sales service, the service concept of "realizing customers' wishes" is further moved forward and embedded in the whole process from marketing to marketing. Jintai's marketing team, from pre-sales technical consultation, investment analysis, in-sales construction scheme, hardware configuration, financing procedures to after-sales maintenance and emergency response, makes customers feel a faithful, considerate and seamless service experience. Today's customers pursue the value orientation of higher product cost performance and efficiency, which provides a broad space for Jintai's "holographic service"

linjian, general manager of Shanghai Jintai, once said: "Jintai's advantage lies not only in providing technically superior mechanical products for the market, but also in providing professional construction technical services for customers, meeting customers' needs for construction efficiency and cost control to the greatest extent, and truly helping customers realize value... This is our advantage and an important magic weapon different from competitors."

guojianzhi has a deep understanding of this, He said: "The most important two points of after-sales service are timely service and reasonable price. Shanghai Jintai performs much better than international brands. International brands not only have high prices for parts, but also because there is no spare parts warehouse, many parts need to be imported from abroad. It may take one or two months to replace one part, which is a loss that construction enterprises can't bear. Shanghai Jintai is a local brand after all, and generally can solve the problem within oneortwo days."

years of cooperation have resulted in profound friendship. Guojianzhi is deeply impressed by Shanghai Jintai's innovative spirit and down-to-earth work style. He believes that sx40 double wheel milling is the first to break the monopoly of foreign technology and price, which is a major progress in the field of underground piling equipment by Chinese enterprises. Scottreeve, the owner of the two companies based on price and service, said in an interview that it is just around the corner to regain the market share occupied by international brands

tips: compared with similar foreign products,

foreign products are expensive, and ordinary customers can't afford it; High operation cost and long supply cycle of accessories; High maintenance cost and difficult technical communication

sx40 is suitable for China's national conditions. It can realize "one machine for two purposes" function exchange with sg60 grab, with low investment cost and high cost performance ratio; The price is 1/3 of the imported product; The gas lift reverse circulation slag removal process is adopted, which can completely remove the slag and greatly reduce the operation cost

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