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There is a lot of knowledge in home decoration, and the choice of various materials is very important. In particular, the color matching of decoration paint is the most eye-catching. When choosing paint color, we should master some skills to make the beautiful picture in the effect picture reappear truly. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the quality and environmental protection performance of paint. Now I will share with you the methods and skills of color matching of decoration paint

decoration paint color matching method

1. The living room is the place where members of the family live together the most. The wall color should not be too dark. Most of them are pure white, milky white, beige, bright gray, light green, etc. using light colors can relax the heart and achieve a warm and comfortable feeling

2. The bedroom is a place to rest. This can be based on personal preferences, but it is recommended to use soft and warm colors, which is conducive to rest and sleep. Such as light blue, light purple, milk white, beige, light pink, etc. Too bright colors will stimulate nerve excitement and affect rest

3. The study is a place that needs to concentrate and calm. The color should not be too bright, and the color that is too eye-catching is not conducive to meditation. You can choose light brown, light coffee, milky white, champagne, etc. you should not use jumping colors such as bright red, bright yellow, dark blue, etc

4. The color of the restaurant also needs to be soft, and close to nature is the best. Natural color will stimulate people's taste buds and appetite. White, light yellow and light green are good. Bright colors can be used as ornaments and should not be used in large areas

5. Children's room needs to be vigorous, and colors can be used boldly. Bright colors can also stimulate children's retinal development. Choose some brilliant colors, such as yellow, blue, purple, green, etc., to create a color dream space

in decoration, color can not only affect the appearance, but also affect the mood. The specific paint color matching skills are as follows:

1. Care should be taken in color matching. Generally, try the small sample first, preliminarily obtain the quantity of color matching paint, and then prepare the large sample according to the small sample results. First, adjust the secondary color and the secondary color respectively in a small container

2. First add the main color (the color with large dosage and low coloring power in the color matching), and then slowly and intermittently add the dark color (or color matching) with high coloring power, and keep stirring to observe the change of color at any time

3、“ From shallow to deep ”, Especially when adding pigments with strong coloring power, do not overdo them

4. In color matching, there will be slight differences between the paint and the dried film. The color of all kinds of coatings is generally light when the film is wet, and the color deepens when the paint is dry. Therefore, if the sample is a dry sample, the color matching paint needs to wait for drying before color measurement and comparison

if the incoming sample is a wet sample, you can drop the sample into the color matching paint to observe whether the two colors are the same

5. The floating degree of the primary color in the multicolor paint and the changes of paint materials should be understood in advance, especially amino paint and perchloroethylene paint, which should be paid more attention

editor's summary: the relevant information about the color matching methods and skills of decoration paint is introduced here. I hope this article will be helpful to you. If there is anything else you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian below, and we will answer it for you as soon as possible





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