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[] many people will learn from various channels before the initial decoration, trying to arm themselves with information to win the decoration battle. However, some things can only be understood after decoration, and the prior plan often cannot catch up with the actual changes. The reporter visited many owners and designers who decorated half a year ago and summarized several problems that are easy to be ignored by novice owners

◆ why is the delivery and installation time so unreasonable

Mr. Zhang, the owner, said that from his decoration experience, few delivery and installation workers could arrive at the agreed time. Once, it was about 4 p.m. and it didn't arrive until 7:30 p.m. According to his experience, if he arranges for the first delivery of the most professional home decoration portal website in the morning, the time given by the customer service is generally more accurate, but if he does not arrange for the first one, it is difficult for the customer service to give an accurate arrival time due to the traffic and the previous delivery and installation. Therefore, every time he made an appointment, he would directly ask for the mobile phone number of the driver or installer and ask them to call again when they left for confirmation

tip: in the peak decoration season, it is best to make an appointment for delivery or installation one week in advance, and ask the customer service to arrange themselves to the first store in the morning. This can reduce a lot of unnecessary waiting

◆ it's troublesome to return tiles

Mr. Wang, the owner, said that he bought more wall and floor tiles because the remaining tiles after paving can be returned. As a result, the design was changed, and a wall that was originally to be tiled was removed, leaving a lot of tiles. As soon as he contacted the dealer, he learned that although the delivery was free, he had to find a way to send the returned goods to the warehouse by himself. Fortunately, he still kept the phone number of the delivery driver. After negotiating the price, Mr. Wang drove with the truck to return the tiles to the warehouse. After counting in the warehouse, the staff gave him a list. With this list, he rushed to the store to return the balance. It took Mr. Wang a morning to finish this matter

tip: before ordering tiles, the owner had better ask for the way to return them

◆ laying the floor does not necessarily save money than ceramic tiles

the owner Xiao Liu told reporters that when shopping in the building materials market, those who sell laminate floors said that laying the floor is more cost-effective than laying ceramic tiles. The salesperson also calculated an account for him: the price of medium-grade laminate floor is about 100 yuan per square meter (all inclusive), while the price of ceramic tiles of the same grade is about 80 yuan per square meter, plus the cost of paving labor and materials of 30-40 yuan per square meter. In this way, paving the floor is cheaper than paving ceramic tiles, and the construction time is short, and the effect is good. Xiao Liu thought it was quite reasonable, so she decided to lay the floor. However, when calculating the cost after decoration, Xiao Liu found that laying the floor could not save money as he thought. Because every room with a floor has a floor leveling cost of more than 20 yuan per square meter

tips: the floor of most blank houses, such as the floor, must be leveled, otherwise there may be dust, unevenness, abnormal noise and other phenomena. Therefore, this project must not be neglected in the budget

◆ sliding doors can't be nearly

Ms. Wan, the owner, said that due to the consideration of saving a little money when decorating, sliding doors chose products of small brands. At first, it felt OK to use it. Later, two sliding doors were installed on the balcony of the bedroom. This time, products of large brands were selected. As soon as the two are compared, they feel different: first, the feel of the two sliding is different, and the feeling of small brands is relatively loose; Secondly, small brand doors are easy to derail after collision with the door frame when the pushing force is large, while large brand doors should be equipped with protective structures, no matter how much force they make, they will not derail; Small brand doors don't fit well after using for a period of time, and the height of the pulley has to be adjusted; The doors of big brands are consistent

tip: consumers should not patronize the selection of door style and material and ignore the quality and function of hardware. In fact, the pulley, track and other hardware of sliding door still have some technical content, which is the focus of purchase





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