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It can be found that many families now prepare children's rooms for their children even before their birth. For homes with children, the decoration of children's rooms is more cautious. We should eliminate all potential safety hazards in the design, so that the design is more in line with the children's personality and psychology. Do you want to know the main precautions for the decoration of children's rooms in 2017? Don't worry. Next, let's go and have a look with the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network

2017 children's room decoration precautions:

1. Decoration materials

first of all, as parents, they should choose the decoration materials that have the least impact on children's bodies. At present, formaldehyde, which is harmful to the body, is the most released in some building materials, so it is necessary to choose some green and environmentally friendly materials

2. Wall decoration

speaking of the wall decoration of children's room, if the room is relatively small, it is recommended to apply formaldehyde resistant wall paint. If the room is large, wallpaper can be used, which is both affordable and safe. But if it is a baby room, materials with high environmental protection coefficient should be used from the wall to the floor

3. Furniture layout

in the furniture layout of children's room, it is necessary to carry out different combination changes according to children's age, gender and personality characteristics. These changes include not only color, but also furniture style. Children's furniture should avoid sharp edges and corners and other potential dangerous elements

4. Do not use glass products

in order to prevent accidents, children should try to avoid using glass products in the children's room, because children's self-protection consciousness is not enough, and they are very easy to be scratched by broken glass and other items

5. Choose lamps and lanterns

the lamps and lanterns in children's room should be mild, because children's bodies are in the stage of rapid development, especially in terms of vision, avoid using fluorescent lamps and lanterns with strong irritation

6. Don't check in immediately

after the decoration of the children's room, you must not check in immediately. You should open the window for ventilation for a period of time before you check in. Even after you check in, you should open the window for ventilation every day to keep the air smooth, especially in the baby room

Xiaobian summary: the decoration of children's room is not as good as that of adults' room. No matter the choice of materials or furniture, or the pattern design, you need to pay extra attention. A slight error is very likely to affect the normal residence of children, and seriously damage their health

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