Is summer a good time for decoration

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Many Wuhan decoration owners will ask whether the decoration is good in summer? We know that in summer, the temperature is high and the humidity is high. What should owners pay attention to in summer and what are the benefits of summer decoration? Let me show you today

what should we pay attention to in summer decoration

1. Prevent materials from getting damp

in summer, the air humidity is high, and some materials that are easy to absorb moisture, such as wood board and gypsum board, are not handled properly in the process of transportation or storage, so they are easy to get damp, and the boards that get damp will have mold spots. If the wooden keel and woodwork made of plates are gradually dried in the air, the moisture in the material is also easy to crack and deform after volatilization, which will also affect other materials. For example, gypsum ceiling with board as keel, because the shrinkage coefficient of board is larger than gypsum, the shaping of wood keel will directly lead to the cracking of gypsum ceiling, which is very easy to affect the decoration quality. In order to prevent materials from getting damp, materials should be placed indoors in a ventilated and dry place, away from windows and water sources. If there is a good ventilation environment at home and there is a place to place materials, you can buy the damp prone materials to be used back early and pay attention to the stacking and storage of materials

2. Tiling

before paving floor tiles and wall tiles, the finish bottom layer cannot be too dry. Generally, before treatment, water should be poured first to allow it to absorb for about half an hour, and then cement mortar should be used to ensure firm bonding. As the materials are drier than usual, for floor tiles, ceramic tiles and other materials that need to be soaked in water, the soaking time should be extended to make them fully close to the saturated state. In this way, there will be no hollowing and falling off when bonding with cement due to insufficient water absorption of ceramic tiles

3. Paint

it is difficult to oil: it is hot and humid in rainy days, and it dries slowly after painting, and a layer of fog will be produced after the paint absorbs moisture in the air. Therefore, it is required that doors and windows should not be opened in rainy days, and an electric heater should be added to improve the indoor dryness. In addition, construction cannot be carried out in fog. During summer construction, the interface agent shall be applied before puttying to prevent alkaline substances from penetrating into the emulsion paint

when it is wet in summer, the decoration will also encounter the problem of moldy and rancid latex paint in hot and humid weather because of its slow drying. In the project, the drying treatment of the base putty should be done well, and the paint can be applied only after the wall is puttying for three to four times. After each puttying, the drying time should be extended as much as possible, and ventilation should be done to reduce indoor moisture as much as possible. If the putty is not completely dry, repeatedly apply putty or paint, and lock too much water in it, the wall will appear "sweating" and even large-area cracking

4. Pay attention to the aftercare

the cement should be maintained with some water every three to five days to prevent cracking. If the cement has just been plastered on the ground, it must be completely dry before laying the floor. If it is on the first floor, it is best to brush with waterproof paint once before paving the floor. Before construction, you should carefully read the instructions of all products, such as glue, adhesives, paint and other chemical products, and be sure to work under the temperature and environment mentioned in the instructions, so as to ensure the stability of the quality of chemical products. After decoration, there will be situations where various flavors will not disperse and affect people's health. It is suggested to put more pots of green plants or put a few lemons and pineapples in the house to quickly remove the odor




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