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Decoration should not only consider the style, but also pay attention to Feng Shui, so as to ensure that you have a good fortune; So what are the Feng Shui matters of commercial decoration? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

business decoration Feng Shui matters

business store decoration Feng Shui matters

store Feng Shui

1. Avoid facing dead alleys

if the door faces dead alleys, the air flow will be blocked, not smooth, and turbidity will accumulate, which will have a negative impact on all aspects of fortune, and wealth will also be easily blocked, and there is no way out

2. Tianzhansha

tianzhansha is a Feng Shui taboo for home, office and shops. The so-called tianzhansha means that the house or shop is facing the gap between the two buildings, and the wind blows through this gap to form tianzhansha, which means that the evil spirit of the Tianfeng is cut like an invisible knife, and the main fortune is repeated

shop Feng Shui

3. Do not go to the door at the position of wealth.

the position of wealth should not be an aisle or open the door, and there should not be open windows on the position of wealth, which will lead to the dissipation of wealth indoors. If there are windows, they can be covered with curtains or sealed, so that wealth will not leak. Wealth position should be reasonable to avoid the embarrassment of being thorough, and it can also form a good wealth position

4. The door should not be too small

for business activities, the door as an access channel should not be too small. Feng Shui taboo in stores. If the door of the channel is too small, it will make it inconvenient for customers to enter and exit. If customers still need to carry goods, there will be bumps. The narrow store door will cause a crowded flow of people and make some customers stop. In front of the store gate, there must be no fork in the road. Feng Shui says this is a "scissors road", which affects the owner's decision-making and judgment

5. Don't choose colors at will

there are four pages in total. Page 1 1234 the next page has great stress on the color selection of store decoration. In modern times, many stores pay great attention to the color inside the store. Some businesses believe through psychological tests that bright colors such as red will make people in a relatively excited state and stimulate people's desire to buy. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the interior color of the store should be considered in combination with the birthday of the owner, the orientation of the store and the five element attributes of the goods sold. The attributes of the goods should be included in the five categories of wood, fire, earth, gold and water. Then, according to the fate of the owner and the house divination of the store, the decoration color of the interior of the store should be specifically determined. The method is extremely complicated, and professional house divination family must be invited to make a decision

store Feng Shui

6. The direction of the escalator should not directly rush to the store door

now most large shopping malls have escalators, please note that do not face the escalator to the door of the store. If such a pattern has been formed, you should use shelves to cover it as much as possible, so that customers do not see the escalator as soon as they enter the door. This is also the principle of Feng Shui that likes whirling and does not rush directly. Otherwise, The customers in your shop are more visitors and less generous

7. Avoid the cold

if the store faces the north, winter is also unimaginable. Whether the northeast wind blows or the northwest wind blows, it will drill into the open shops. Feng Shui also regards coldness as a kind of evil spirit. Too much coldness is detrimental to people and business activities. When the cold wind blows, the clerk suffers another kind of suffering. If he is in good health, he may get sick. Although the clerk is dressed to bake, the cold is too heavy, which makes the clerk unwilling to move around to achieve the purpose of commodity sales. Shop assistants are unwilling to move because of the cold, which will slow down the flow of goods and reduce the sales of goods

Feng Shui matters in the decoration of commercial pharmacies

for pharmacies, large pharmacies are commercial spaces dominated by sales, and attention should also be paid to Feng Shui in the decoration. The pharmacy industry is a wood industry from the perspective of five elements, especially the traditional Chinese medicine stores, which are dominated by plants and trees. It is said that five elements are wood. For the industry that belongs to wood, it is best to choose Zhaocai auspicious beast, which is a kind of lucky animal, and kylin. Especially in traditional Chinese medicine stores, Kirin is the best. Of course, pharmacies are commercial spaces, and the choice of wealth position is also very traditional Chinese medicine. Choosing a good wealth position will greatly increase the sales volume of a drugstore. If you don't choose a good wealth position, it is not conducive to sales. It is often difficult to increase sales, and there are many places to spend money! In addition, the display location of the drugstore and the placement of Chinese and Western medicines are also very important. It is necessary to have a good display effect and place them appropriately. Each of the five elements is reasonable, so that the whole exhibition hall is comfortable and reasonable, and you can get money as you wish

five feng shui matters in the decoration of commercial shops

first, the decoration of shops should highlight the characteristics of the industry

there are four pages in total. The first page is 1234. The next page allows customers to have an estimate of the business goods of the shops as soon as they see the shops, which can attract interested customers to patronize. On the one hand, it is convenient for customers, on the other hand, it is also very beneficial to the operators of shops. It not only advertises, but also saves energy. The interior decoration of shops should be combined with the commodities they operate, decorated reasonably and highlighted the characteristics of the industry

Second, the specifications of main furniture should choose auspicious mathematics

mathematics not only has the meaning of Zhouyi induction, but also has the attribute of five elements and auspicious implication. Therefore, in Feng Shui, the use of auspicious mathematics is very important. Beijing Hengfeng Haitai architectural decoration Co., Ltd. usually indicates the main dimensions in the design drawings issued after conducting household and enterprise Feng Shui surveys for customers in the past

third, gathering popularity is a necessary condition for prosperity

too big, space, too small, too crowded, etc., are not conducive to the gathering of popularity. While some businesses pay too much attention to ostentation, the store is large, but the popularity is insufficient; Other businesses are constrained by the venue, which makes people feel cramped as soon as they enter. They just want to turn around and leave. Naturally, they are not popular. Without popularity, how can you make money? In fact, the overall shape of the head office is relatively narrow and long. However, in our design, we divided the shop into several areas: the display area in the front, the office area on the left in the middle, the comprehensive area on the right in the middle, the office and warehouse in the back. Each area is independent and related, but it has a comfortable and pleasant feeling visually

fourth, gathering wealth is the top priority of shop Feng Shui

profit is the fundamental interest of shops. So how to gather money is the top priority of shop Feng Shui

v. the decorative material and color should be consistent with the fate of the legal person

the decorative material and color of the shop should be combined with the fate of the legal person, so as to integrate heaven and man and create a real prosperous Feng Shui

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kitchen Feng Shui that can make delicious dishes

how to count the kitchen of delicious dishes

there is a certain distance or interval between the kitchen and the next door of the master room and the toilet door. The light in the kitchen is sufficient, and it is best to be exposed to sunlight. In addition to the range hood, the air circulation in the kitchen also needs an exhaust fan, which can reduce the air circulation and the temperature in the kitchen. Keep the kitchen dry without heavy moisture. The entrance of the kitchen door is not directly towards the stove. There should be enough space and height on the stove to avoid overpressure

feng shui masters usually suggest that the kitchen be placed in the four evil sides of the parents' original destiny, which helps to suppress the evil spirit of the evil side. The Yang generated by the fire can reconcile the foul gas of the evil side and improve its Feng Shui

the water vapor produced by the water tank conflicts with the fire gas of the gas furnace. Therefore, the gas stove cannot be opposed to the sink or refrigerator. The gas stove should not be close to the water tank. The stove should not be independent in the center of the kitchen, because the fire in the center of the kitchen is too hot, which will cause the family to lose harmony

if due to the limitation of kitchen design, it is impossible to face the stove to any auspicious side of parents, try to face the stove to the prolonging side of mother, which can enhance the harmony of family relations

if there is a microwave oven or electric cooker, it should be placed in one of the four auspicious squares of the host; Sockets for electric cookers and microwave ovens should also be located in Kyrgyzstan; The same principle also applies to toasters and stoves; All kinds of kitchen knives or fruit knives in the kitchen should not be hung on the wall or inserted on the knife rest, but should be put in a drawer and put away; Garlic, onion and pepper should not be hung in the kitchen, because these things will absorb Yin Qi

as mentioned above, the kitchen is in a situation of water and fire, but if we can balance the two and achieve a situation of water and fire, we can promote the harmony of kitchen Feng Shui

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