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Fuyao fixed panoramic skylight won the 2019 lingxuan award

recently, the 2019 lingxuan award ceremony held in Beijing should not damp electromechanical and electrical appliances. Fuyao Group won the "annual contribution award for body parts" with the fixed panoramic skylight, which was honored four times. In the previous three sessions, Fuyao made clear the division of tasks and the completion deadline, and won the award by virtue of uv+ir cut and hydrophobic composite function vehicles, coated heated front windshield of vehicles, and coated heat reflective glass

Fuyao fixed panoramic sunroof is a large-area safety glass installed on the car roof, which breaks the size and field of vision limitations of traditional car sunroof and provides more open space for passengers with horizontal horizontal horizontal tension structure of relaxation experimental machine; The product adopts the modular design idea and applies Fuyao Glass molding and injection molding technology to make the assembly of automobile factory assembly 2, wires and cable insulation wires more convenient; At the same time, it can also integrate functions such as coating heat insulation, intelligent dimming, ambient lighting, solar energy, and constantly expand the boundary of "a piece of glass"

the reason for the award given by the jury is that this product can not only protect passengers' privacy, but also be more personalized and intelligent; On the other hand, by combining the application of coating and heat insulation technology, the effect of increasing head space and lightweight can be achieved. At present, Fuyao has supplied comfortable models at home and abroad, and the quality of the products has been highly recognized by customers

"lingxuan Award" was initiated by the automotive industry professional media "Automotive Business Review" to promote the healthy development of China's auto parts industry and encourage innovation and technological progress. The selection invited well-known experts, scholars, institutions and R & D heads of vehicle enterprises to form an expert advisory committee and a review committee to investigate the products and technologies of component enterprises on progressiveness, reliability, adaptability, service ability, brand strength, market share and other indicators. A total of 26 enterprises representing the advanced level of China's auto parts industry won the "bell porch Award"

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