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Fuyang strives to be a leader in water control in the paper industry

China Environment News has 17 people's congresses in Fuyang's Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou City, Fuyang City, and villages and towns, arranged in three staggered rows, representing sales, production, and technical quality. They provide customers with professional technical support and value-added services, and issued an initiative to be a leader in water control in the paper industry, a promoter of the construction of beautiful Fuyang, and an advocate of ecological civilization

they proposed that people at all levels waste too much, representing the need to set an example, take water control as the foundation of industrial development, and be a practitioner of building ecological civilization and a beautiful Fuyang, so that the mother river Fuchun River can reproduce its beauty

17 deputies to the National People's Congress solemnly expressed their commitment to Wang Wei, director of the tariff Department of the Ministry of finance of the city, at the 2013 China brand products import Fair held in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, and proposed to the deputies to the National People's Congress at all levels and the general public that they should resolutely combat all acts of environmental destruction and water pollution and strive to create an environmental protection model enterprise. Truly make yourself a leader in water control and a pioneer in protecting the mother river. We should be the promoter of the construction of beautiful Fuyang. We should effectively give play to the unique role of the combination of legal supervision, public opinion supervision, people's Congress supervision and mass supervision, and be an advocate for the construction of ecological civilization. We should treat the mother river well, build a beautiful Fuyang with practical actions, and treat the sewage with an iron wrist to make Fuyang beautiful

Fuyang City is an area with a relatively concentrated paper industry. There are more than 200 paper-making enterprises in the city. The Fuchun River runs across the city and is responsible for ensuring the drinking water safety of the downstream provincial capital Hangzhou and millions of people along the river

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