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Fuyao Glass was honored as a listed company in China, with rich returns and accumulated cash dividends of more than 10 billion

recently, the main types of Shenzhen straightening device jointly established by China Association of listed companies and Shanghai Stock Exchange are: roller type (divided into horizontal type and vertical type); Pulley type (divided into single pulley and pulley block); The twisted wheel Shenzhen Stock Exchange jointly released a list of cash dividends of listed companies. The list takes the total cash dividends of recent one and three years as the main index, and selects the top 100 companies that "listed companies are rich, which is the main reason to push up prices"; Taking the dividend payment rate in recent one and three years as the main index, we will select the top 100 listed companies in the "list of sincere returns". The list selection adheres to the basic principles of representativeness and sustainability. It not only selects representative listed companies to encourage long-term sustainable and stable dividends, but also takes into account the characteristics of Companies in different sectors to fully reflect the positive willingness of companies to pay dividends. In addition to the objective quantitative indicators such as total dividends and dividend payment rate, the negative list "one vote veto" is adopted, and the pre indicators are set in the integrity record, finance, environmental protection and other aspects of the securities market

the China Association of listed companies pointed out that according to the 2017 annual report, 2754 listed companies disclosed cash dividends, with a total amount of about 1070.572 billion yuan, an increase of 21.88% year-on-year. Dividend listed companies accounted for about 80% of the total number of listed companies

among the companies selected into the "list of rich returns of listed companies", 76 are listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange, 19 on the main board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, 4 on the small and medium-sized board and 1 on the gem, which are distributed in the fields of finance, manufacturing, energy, consumption and so on. In the list, the "leading Echelon" in the financial sector is dominated by the banking industry, with a total of 13 banks on the list. Among them, industrial and Commercial Bank of China took the lead in the comprehensive ranking, and China Construction Bank and Agricultural Bank of China took the second and third places in the comprehensive ranking. It is worth mentioning that listed manufacturing companies also give investors generous returns. For example, SAIC Group, which ranks eighth in the overall ranking, has maintained a cash dividend ratio of more than 50%. In 2017, the total cash dividend reached 21.381 billion yuan, making it the only manufacturing company in the top ten

most of the listed companies in the rich return list are state-owned enterprises, and the listing of private enterprises is commendable, while Fuyao Glass ranks 58th in the list, becoming the benchmark of "high dividend" of private enterprises

Fuyao Group has been focusing on the field of automotive safety glass, abandoning the "temptation" of the outside world, rejecting short-term interests and insisting on long-term return to shareholders. From its listing in 1993 to 2017, Fuyao Glass not only created comprehensive competitiveness and continued to grow, but also gave investors rich investment returns. Since its listing, the company has distributed 12.648 billion yuan of cash dividends to investors, accounting for 56% of the cumulative (to 2017) net profit of 22.59 billion yuan. By 2017, a+h had accumulated dividends of 14.054 billion yuan, which was 1.89 times the total fund-raising amount of 7.422 billion yuan of a+h. the cash dividend ratio of Fuyao Glass has remained at more than 50% for many years, and it really realized that the dividends are greater than the raised funds, which is well deserved on the list

in this regard, Fuyao Glass said, "the high proportion of dividends is based on good business performance. The company will continue to lead the development with knowledge, driven by innovation, and constantly strive to improve the scientific and technological added value of automotive glass in environmental protection, energy conservation, intelligence and integration, and constantly improve the company's comprehensive competitiveness and create value for shareholders."

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