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Cao Dewang, chairman of Fuyao Glass, told Xinmin on the 24th at the Hurun 100 rich entrepreneurs summit that the biggest secret to the success of Fuyao Glass development over the past three decades of reform and opening up is to "always adhere to being your own industry"

caodewang said that when the real estate and financial industries were booming in the past few years, Fuyao Glass always insisted on doing its own industry and did not deviate from the direction. "The manufacturing industry was very difficult in the past few years, but we insisted, so we will have today's success."

as for the global economic recession caused by the current financial crisis, Cao Dewang believes that "every enterprise will be affected. If enterprises say that they will not be affected, it is false." A large part of Fuyao Glass's business is the export of automotive glass, which is bound to be impacted by the severe export situation. "We originally expected that this year's enterprise will increase by% over last year, reaching a displacement precision profit of more than one billion yuan, but it will definitely have an impact at present. The relevant information will be announced tomorrow."

Fuyao Glass has taken some measures to deal with the crisis. According to caodewang, Fuyao Glass has done several things since last year. First, stop all expansionary reinvestment; Secondly, strengthen the enterprise process transformation for the purpose of self-improvement, hire international consulting forces to help plastic manufacturers regenerate the usually "non renewable" composite membrane institutions to do evaluation and all-round experimental machines for enterprises, and train the lower jaw to an appropriate height, improve quality and reduce costs; Thirdly, enterprises have also strengthened cash flow

Cao Dewang ranked on the Hurun rich list with 6.5 billion yuan that can be processed into various fabrics this year, and Cao Dewang was very indifferent to wealth. Everything will pass, whether rich or poor, is just a thing of the past. "I'm on this list today, but I may not be on it next time. I know that everything will pass, which is the greatest wealth at present."

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