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Fuyao Glass "oil to gas" project is expected to be completed by the end of July

green production starts from energy conservation and emission reduction. Following the postponement of the purchase of high priced raw materials in 2011, Fuyao Glass carried out the natural gas utilization transformation of the combustion system of two float production kilns. Recently, Fuyao Glass launched the third float production line "oil to gas" project again, which is expected to be completed by the end of this month. At that time, Fuyao float production line will all use green energy for energy conservation and emission reduction

it is understood that before the transformation of natural gas, heavy oil has always been an important fuel for Fuyao float kiln. In 2011, with the continuous improvement of the construction of gas pipes in our city, Fuyao Group invested 30million yuan to introduce a series of internationally advanced natural gas burners to transform the combustion system of float production kilns. "Compared with the high unit price and high cost of heavy oil, natural gas not only has obvious advantages in price, but also greatly reduces carbon dioxide emissions." Ruanchengchao, general manager of Fuqing China Resources Gas Co., Ltd., said

"oil to gas" has effectively reduced the environmental pollution problems of industrial enterprises. It is understood that natural gas is a kind of clean energy that allows us to choose the right products for you according to your actual situation, but its performance can only be played by computer servo system operation. Compared with heavy oil, it can reduce sulfur dioxide and dust emissions by nearly 100%, carbon dioxide emissions by 60% and nitrogen oxide emissions by 50%, which can fundamentally improve the environmental quality. At the same time, the stability of natural gas composition can also effectively ensure the stability of production, which is conducive to the further improvement of glass quality impact test low-temperature tank technical agreement. After the completion of natural gas transformation, each production line will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 13298 tons/year. In addition, the transformation of natural gas completely saves the link of atomizing compressed air, so as to minimize the pollution to the atmosphere

it is reported that at present, five industrial enterprises in our city, including Fuyao Glass, have used natural gas, with a daily industrial gas supply of 330000 cubic meters, and more than 40 enterprises have signed gas consumption agreements with China Resources. Zhonghua glass () Department

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