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Analysis of pharmaceutical plastic bottle materials and production equipment

1 Analysis of materials used in medical plastic bottles

medical plastic bottles are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP), polycarbonate (PC) and polyester (PET). In the early 1990s, foreign countries developed a new material for blow molding bottle body, polyethylene naphthalate (pen) medical plastic bottle. Its properties are better than pet. The main raw materials and auxiliary formula of plastic bottle are selected. High density polyethylene and polypropylene bottles are generally used for tablets. PET bottles can be selected if transparency is required; If the drugs need higher barrier performance, light blocking and opaque, choose brown PET bottles; Pen bottle has the best barrier performance

2. Analysis of production equipment of medical plastic bottles

in terms of equipment used in the production process, small and medium-sized medical plastic bottles are mainly extrusion blow molding and injection blow molding, while large medical plastic bottles are produced by extrusion blow molding or injection blow molding. Most manufacturers apply extrusion blow molding and injection blow molding equipment to plastic bottles for drug packaging

3. Thermoplastic

plastic name: characteristics: Purpose:

PVC resin has good drug resistance, soft and hard products can be used film, cable, floor, pipe

vinylidene chloride resin has heat resistance, good drug resistance food packaging film, fiber

vinyl acetate resin is colorless and transparent, (low softening temperature) coating, adhesive

polyvinyl alcohol is soluble in warm water fiber, paste Emulsifier

polyvinyl acetal is colorless and transparent, with good adhesion, safety glass intermediate film, coating, adhesive

polystyrene is colorless and transparent, electrical insulation, electrical appliances, stationery, foam lampshade, toothbrush handle, toys

as resin is transparent, strong, and oil-resistant. Technical parameters: utensils, stationery, groceries

ABS resin is strong, shiny, drug-resistant, and oil-resistant. However, this is beneficial to detect materials with very large or very small elongation and obtain accurate experimental results. Automotive parts

acrylic resin is colorless and transparent, weather resistant, and has good optical properties signs, windshield, lighting appliances Groceries

polyethylene resin is light and soft, with good electrical insulation and drug resistance. Why does metal fatigue have a destructive effect on films, bottles, electrical insulation materials and groceries? This is because the internal structure of the metal is actually uneven. The bags and containers are resistant to acid, alkali and salt aqueous solutions, but they should not be wiped or soaked with strong alkaline detergent

polypropylene resin is more transparent than PE, with high softening point film, plastic rope, food utensils

fluorine resin has good stability, wear resistance, good drug resistance, electrical insulation materials, drug resistant materials, bearings

nylon resin is strong, wear resistance, oil resistance, good fiber, mechanical parts

polyacetal resin is strong, wear resistance, solubility resistance, fatigue resistance, gear bearings, automobiles but a "list" Machine parts

polycarbonate resin is strong, breathable, electrical properties, good heat resistance. Automobile and machine parts, groceries, films

polycarbonate resin is strong, electrical properties, heat resistance, good drug resistance, electrical appliances, groceries

Celluloid is colorless and transparent, easy to dye, easy to process groceries

Electrical improvement of cellulose acetate plastic Celluloid groceries, machine parts, tools

thermoplastic polyester electrical insulation Packaging materials with good heat resistance and drug resistance

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