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Fuyang technician college undertakes the backbone training of UAV innovative skills application in Anhui Province. On November 21, the training course for backbone personnel of UAV innovative skills application in Anhui Province hosted by Anhui Vocational and technical training association and organized by Fuyang technician college was held. The ceremony was presided over by Zhao Jianping, executive secretary of the Provincial Vocational Association, Liu Guangming, executive vice president of the Provincial Vocational Association, Chen Wei, vice president of Fuyang technician college, Pu Huangzhong, President of Jiangsu aviation vocational and technical college, Zhong Weixiong, professional leader of Guangzhou electromechanical technician college, and other leaders attended the ceremony

Chen Wei introduced the situation of Fuyang City and the outstanding achievements made by the college in the cultivation of skilled talents. He pointed out that the training course for key technical personnel in the application of UAV innovative skills was held in Fuyang technician college, which was not only the full affirmation of the Provincial Department of human resources and social security and the Provincial Vocational Association for the training and identification of skilled talents of the college, but also the encouragement and encouragement of the college. The college must seriously organize and provide various technical support and service guarantee for the training course to ensure that the training course achieves real training results. No. 2

Liu Guangming delivered a speech at the ceremony, emphasizing that the purpose of this training course is to vigorously develop the UAV specialty throughout the province. He hoped that the participating vocational colleges could exchange with each other, learn from experience, closely follow the market trend, meet the market demand, and deliver qualified and excellent professionals to the society. He took a little slurry and squeezed it with special extrusion tools

the training course lasts for 3 days, and the main contents of the training include UAV market analysis and related basic theories, assembly, commissioning, and flight training of four rotor UAV. The course arrangement aims to improve the practical ability and flight ability of teachers and students in technical colleges across the province, and improve the training level of UAV professionals

after the opening ceremony, the college invited three national discipline leaders in the field of UAV, including Zhong Weixiong, Zhu Rongjun, and Wang jiafastening anchor screw long, to share their experience in the professional construction of UAV for all teachers of the Department of mechanical and electrical engineering. Experts also provided valuable opinions and suggestions on the training mode of UAV skilled talents and the school enterprise cooperation mode of our college

Wan Li, the director of the Department of mechanical and electrical engineering, said that we will definitely absorb and adopt the valuable opinions and suggestions put forward by experts. In combination with social needs and the current situation of industry development, we will reasonably formulate professional talent training programs, establish a training model that meets the standards of UAV high skilled talents, and comprehensively improve the training level of UAV innovative skilled talents in our college. The software and hardware of the electronic universal experimental machine will better serve the economic development. (Li Xiaodong)

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