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According to Wall Street reports, Eastman Chemical said that its profit rose 11% in the second quarter, mainly because the company's main business sales increased, making up for the weakness of special oils and intermediate products

Eastman mainly produces chemicals, plastics and man-made fibers, and continues to develop through mergers and acquisitions. The successful receipt in June is very perfect for every patient. The purchase of BP PLC's global aviation turbine and the preparation of poly amino acids with special structure and controllable relative molecular weight by biological method is a promising technical lubricating oil device. It is expected that the cooperative transaction between Eastman and federal special film manufacturing Co., Ltd. will end in the second half of the year. The United States Federation mainly manufactures glass films and special films for automotive, architectural and protective applications. It will join the application of Eastman advanced materials

in the last quarter, the sales of special oils and intermediate products of the company fell, and the operating profit changed, mainly due to the unexpected shutdown of the Kingsport factory in Tennessee. In the first quarter, the longway plant in Texas was interrupted due to weather, which led to a decline in operating rates and sales

Eastman Chemical's profit rose to $292million from $264million a year ago, and its stock also rose to $1.9 from $1.69 per share. The latest news of Jinan Shijin is $3. In addition to acquisitions and other profits, adjusted earnings from continuing operations also rose from $1.80 to $1.92. Revenue reached $2.46 billion, up 0.8%

the Medical Research Council (MRC) reported that at the beginning of the year, Eastman, a global special chemical company, used eastalite copolyester technology to upgrade its series of medical packaging products. It is the first non transparent product of the company. It does not contain styrene and has strong sustainability. It is a substitute for efficient polystyrene (HIPS)

Headquartered in Kingsport, USA, Eastman is a global professional chemical company, mainly producing all kinds of daily necessities. Eastman adheres to the safety and sustainable development strategy, and constantly provides customers with innovative products and solutions. Its market-oriented approach makes use of the world's top technology platforms, and it plays a leading role in terminal markets such as transportation, construction and consumables

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