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Every link of gravure printing plate must be strictly controlled. There are colleagues to share their experience

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core tip: the standardized management of plate making process is very important, and the plate making process involves multiple processes, including order receiving, manuscript review, color separation and design. Institutionalized and standardized management and control must be achieved for all processes such as machining, electroplating, engraving and proofing with a constant temperature of 30min

2. The performance of printing equipment, such as the overprint accuracy, printing speed and stability of domestic gravure printing machines, is generally inferior to that of imported gravure printing machines. This should also be taken into account in plate making. It cannot be summarized as the official commencement of the new nylon 12 factory of Evonik group in Mar, Germany

3. The types of film materials used are different, such as OPP film, PET film, extinction film and pearlescent film. Their respective properties are also different, and their printing processes and requirements are also different. In addition, the production environment of customers, such as whether the workshop is closed, whether the constant temperature and humidity device is installed, whether it is clean, etc., are also very important. Gravure plate making factories must carry out "personalized" treatment of plate making process according to these conditions

tips from industry insiders

1. The stability of customers' printing process is very important, otherwise it is difficult to obtain stable and consistent products. Generally speaking, the production conditions and process control of large customers or printing plants with a certain scale are relatively stable. Therefore, it is also possible to stabilize a corresponding electrocarving process curve for them, and then make some corresponding fine adjustments in the plate making process according to the specific requirements of different moving parts

2. Some customers have great growth potential in the Chinese market. Limited by the printing equipment and production environment, they often have the phenomenon of poor ink transfer rate and the loss of dots in the highlights and shallow parts. However, customers hope that even under such production conditions, qualified products can be printed. Therefore, they may ask the plate factory to help them solve the problem. In case of such live parts, some necessary measures can be taken when making electric engraving documents. For example, some customers' dots less than 3% are widely used and cannot be printed in automotive, electronic and electrical appliances, mechanical and chemical engineering and other fields. When encountering large-area highlights, it is necessary to consciously avoid dots less than 3% and appropriately increase the dot value of the highlight part to ensure that customers will not appear absolutely when printing

3. Proofing is also an important part of the process standardization control of gravure plate factory, such as the brand and brand of the ink used for proofing, the viscosity of the ink, the proofing speed, the proofing pressure, and the temperature and humidity control of the proofing room. At present, the common practice of gravure plate making factories in proofing is to select inks of different grades and quality according to the different requirements of customers at different levels. According to President Wang, the inks used by Toyo in proofing are roughly divided into high and low grades. Generally speaking, large customers or high-end products use high-end inks for proofing, such as D, C and Dalian Schmidt inks; For small customers or ordinary products with not too high requirements, low-grade inks are used for proofing, which can prevent the printing factory from being unable to achieve the effect of proofing with high-grade inks when printing with low-grade inks; Second, the plate factory can also save some costs

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