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Each of the seven English search engines has its own merits

among tens of thousands of English search engines, Altavista, Yahoo, excite and other seven search engines are the most famous, but their cleverness is different. Knowing their respective types and search requirements can achieve twice the result with half the effort

1. Altavista

search unconditional maintenance type: keyword type

search options: simple (simple) or advanced (Advanced) search, you can narrow the search scope again after the search. Boolean operators "and", "or" can be used

advantages: friendly user interface, complete help files, fast search speed, able to recognize case and special terms, the largest database, and can be searched for both the web and usenet. Users can also translate the search result pages into several languages

disadvantages: the number of pages in the same station is too frequent

Altavista is a fast and powerful keyword search engine, which can perform extremely complex searches excellently, but users must first master its various options. If you are serious about page search, it is a smart strategy to master Altavista. Altavista can search phrases with more than one word. You can just put the phrases in quotation marks, such as "health care facilities". Altavista also has many options for further in-depth search. It can also branch into the channel area similar to the directory, called "zones", for extensive search of categories such as health, tourism, etc

2. Excite

search type: conceptual type and keyword type. Excite claims to be an "intelligent" search engine

search options: simple and refined

search refinement method: it is recommended to use more keywords and make multiple key selections. Can do and and or search, but for most state-owned enterprises, and and is preferred

advantages: the search results are concise. Click the icon next to each summary to get similar cross reference pages. The index scale is large. In search results, the most important words in the front are highlighted with high brightness areas, which can be known at a glance

disadvantages: the search results cannot indicate its format or tell the size of the file in megabytes

because excite is a conceptual search engine, it means that it will first figure out what you mean, not just search your words, so it gives excite more flexibility

3. Infoseek

search type: keyword type

search options: simple (simple), but powerful. Infoseek now uses the ultraseek software engine. The page adds a general table of contents for search on topics. Users can also search for images

search refinement method: it is case sensitive and has no Boolean operator, but the + sign and minus sign can be used to help refine the search

advantages: it is fast. The search result gives the URL address and displays the size of the address. Allow users to use capital letters and idioms. Infoseek now also provides several databases free of charge, such as stock quotes, company information, e-mail addresses, various references similar to dictionaries, supporting equipment of fire door experimental machine of Jinan experimental machine factory, and postal code guide

disadvantages: simple and complex Chinese can be directly used in full-text retrieval (Web sites option), but the included content is not rich enough

Infoseek now uses a new technology, which is larger, faster and more accurate than previous search engines. Like Yahoo, Lycos and excite, whose economy is too dependent on the tobacco and raw material industries, Infoseek also provides a page guide

(from eNews) Yan Shizong

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