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Eastman launched a new insoluble sulfur to help the innovation of China's tire manufacturing industry

at the latest industry summit of China Tire Industry Association, which was held recently, the experimenters need to maintain a high degree of concentration, Eastman launched a new insoluble sulfur product crystal cure pro, which aims to promote the efficiency innovation of the tire industry

at the summit site, sansutanto (Chen Jiasheng), the Asia Pacific director of Eastman rubber additives business, comprehensively introduced crystal cure pro, an insoluble sulfur product newly created for tire manufacturers, and related supporting technologies and service systems to the industry guests attending the summit

with excellent thermal stability and dispersion, curepro series insoluble sulfur can help tire manufacturers improve material operation process, shorten internal mixing time, improve production efficiency, and obtain higher economic benefits

"in the traditional tire production process system, insoluble sulfur generally cannot have a direct effect on improving production efficiency and reducing operating costs. However, with the excellent product characteristics of crystal cure pro, Eastman can help Chinese tire manufacturers optimize production processes and reduce material consumption and labor costs." At the same time, Eastman global vice president 1 attending the summit was to improve the top-level design. Lucr è CE foufoufopoulos, global general manager of rubber additive business, promised the Chinese tire manufacturers attending the summit that Eastman would be committed to setting a new benchmark for the tire manufacturing industry

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in the new product publicity link, sansutanto made a detailed analysis of the latest market trend of insoluble sulfur industry, and introduced in detail the research and development background of crytex cure Pro vulcanizing agent

Eastman's global tire technology center, located in Akron, Ohio, plays an extremely important role in the research and development of curepro. At the same time, the chemical experts, engineers and application developers of the center will continue to be committed to providing innovative, professional and high-quality technical support services to Chinese tire manufacturers to promote the innovation process of China's tire manufacturing industry

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