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It is not e-commerce that ends the stores with "terminal interception" of activity marketing

it is not e-commerce that ends the stores with "terminal interception" of activity marketing

on December 22, 2014

[China paint information] "activity channels" account for an increasing proportion of transactions. A group of internal data of enterprises can explain that the turnover of store payment accounts for less than 40% of the total turnover of the region, while the turnover of activities outside the store has accounted for more than 60% of the total sales; The sales data of a well-known brand in Shanghai is even more terrifying, and the activity turnover has accounted for 90%! This phenomenon has become more and more intense in domestic brands, which has completely overturned the traditional store sales practice, and made the backs of home furnishings, building materials stores and manufacturers cool and sweat

how did all this happen

China's marketing popularity began with foreign-funded enterprises. Foreign brands have been educating domestic brands all the time. From 4P to brand competition, from business to business, the practice of foreign brands is far ahead

in the stage of store competition, foreign brands sacrificed the big killer of "terminal interception", and once achieved brilliant results

activity marketing "terminal interception" it is not the e-commerce

building materials and home furnishing industry that ends the store. Nippon has long developed and implemented community promotion activities, extending the tentacles of the store into the newly opened community, allowing consumers to accept products at the door of their home and guide them to enter the store for consumption

in order to fight against foreign brands, domestic brands have invented a promotional group purchase meeting jointly conducted by multiple brands, creating a new "activity channel": directly taking consumers away from shopping malls and stores, creating a relatively closed product selection environment, avoiding the competition of other brands; Use the price temptation or the scene atmosphere to promote consumers to place orders

this model has developed into a multi category "activity marketing model" after several years of practice

the direct effect of "event marketing" is that the traffic of people in shopping malls has been sharply reduced, making the once effective "terminal interception" fly into the air, and aborting the original skillfully applied customer guidance mode

because the original activities outside the store were mainly drainage, but now the activities outside the store are direct on-site bill collection, consumers directly pay for goods, and the passenger flow of the store has been unstoppable

activity marketing has its own "stains" and characteristics.

off store activity marketing can be roughly divided into three categories: bargain fair, multi brand activities, and single brand activities

1. Bargain fair, as its name implies, is to encourage consumers to place orders through price concessions

all friends who have participated in the bargaining meeting will be shocked by the "enterprise executives" on the stage. Often, these executives will explain their product advantages at the top of their lungs. Finally, they will "painfully" reduce the price again and again until it reaches the "cost price", so that everyone can rush to buy or purchase quantitatively within a limited time. And the consumers on the scene just need to wait for bargains

2. Multi brand activities, similar to "China good home alliance", "champion alliance" and other alliance activities

these activities are the joint efforts of multiple brands to quickly gather more accurate customers and achieve accurate marketing

the biggest problem of multi brand activities is the unequal brand cooperation and uneven regional promotion

in the process of customer collection, the efforts of various brands are roughly the same. However, due to the different time periods of consumers' product procurement, consumers' procurement brands in the event will be biased: consumers in the new decoration stage pay more attention to building materials products than household products (those who want to buy coatings and floors during the new decoration do not have to rush to buy mattresses)

and the strength of each brand is high and low. Those who think they are high-end brands of flooring do not want to mix with middle-end brands of paint, which increases the difficulty of cooperation among franchisees in a region; When it is extended to different regions, the cooperation between franchisees of various brands is extremely different, which is difficult to unify

at present, the best "China good home" and "Champions League" in China can only be measured in more than a dozen cities, and the landing activities will not be carried out smoothly. In many regions, the activities are blocked due to the poor cooperation of franchisees. Therefore, the licensing activities of duopin, an energy and environment development strategy, are far from reaching the level of large-scale promotion

3. Single brand activity is the activity with the largest input, output and gross profit rate among all activities. Of course, the risk is also the largest

the biggest problem of single brand activities is that we need to find enough invitation objects alone, and it is a set of tests to form from invitation to order and then to expand consumption. This is explained in detail later

"want to play" does not necessarily mean that you can "play"

there are various modes of activity marketing. You can't "play" if you "want to play", nor can you "play with fire" if you "play"

in the circle, the company with the most "activities" is the "icon, especially for eyeball atrophy, which can be worn directly, and has the characteristics of comfort and good mobility". A sales manager of the flooring company once told that they have activities almost every week, including small activities in large activities. After each activity, the first thing they do is not to analyze the sales volume, but to analyze the customer information, especially to reallocate and track the customers who have not achieved the sales

on the contrary, many manufacturers or franchisees start activities very blindly, often rush into activities, and work hard for a month. There are sales but no profits, and the sales may not be guaranteed. This ② can be divided into several categories according to its characteristics: ultra-low temperature, foaming type, anaerobic type, conductivity, high temperature resistance, high barrier, anti-aging, anti medium, anti slippery agent composite polyurethane adhesive, etc; After that, he was full of complaints and didn't want to participate again

however, activities are like opium. In the case of poor business, franchisees have to return to "activities". Those who are more active participate in various training courses of "activity masters" and spend a lot of money. After receiving the "brainwashing" training, they fight with chicken blood to enter the "activity" again

as everyone knows, sometimes the result of "activities do not make money" is not caused by franchisees or manufacturers, but by such activities. Because the essence of many activities is to earn sales at low prices. The organizer's claim that "attracting tourists with low prices and guiding the consumption of high priced products" cannot be realized in practice

because of the on-site environment and the way of doing activities, there is no room for the transformation of medium and high-end products. Using poor quality products to deal with low prices will lead to a lot of complaints; It is obviously not profitable to fight with good products, but the brand continues to overdraw in the atmosphere of low prices, which has affected the brand image

therefore, many foreign brands even directly require franchisees not to participate in peripheral activities without permission, so as to ensure that the brand is not affected. Of course, these foreign brands have to face the reality that their stores are empty and other activities are boiling

internal and external collusion

the original marketing activities, such as issuing several single pages and selling on a booth, are already backward "waste" playing methods

the optimized "event marketing" is not what it used to be

"optimization" performance

is manifested in the combined application and mutual echo of various activities. It has become a common strategy for event marketing to attract customer resources through peripheral activities such as "bargaining meetings" and "alliance meetings", support the central government in the periphery, blossom and bear fruits in the middle outside, and finally detonate and harvest through single brand activities

first of all, different activities have different essence, and different essence has different mission

clarify which activities are used to collect customer information and which are used for sales and profits, so there will be relevant plans in terms of investment and practice

take the bargaining meeting as an example. Although the bargaining meeting can only sell low-cost products, 30% of the customers present each time do not place orders. These consumers only go to the scene to understand the products, or enter the activities by mistake, and have the ability to consume. These are future customers who can develop into you. Especially for household products, although 70% of the customers at the event site will only buy building materials products, these customers are the precise targets of household products

therefore, you should participate in the bargaining meeting even if it costs a little, but you should hold the price and get the customer information; If you can participate in the alliance meeting, you can participate as much as possible. Active participation can get sales feedback and accurate customer information at the same time. Usually, these two "peripheral activities" can accumulate twoorthree target customers by participating in threeorfour events, and accumulate momentum for single brand activities

secondly, master the rhythm of each activity in terms of time and frequency

generally speaking, in a relatively independent area, you can participate in organizing 4-6 peripheral activities within two months to collect customer information, and then hold a single brand activity, which will be relatively full

finally, how can single brand activities detonate

generally, there are two key points in the holding of single brand activities: "accurate door-to-door invitation" + "brand interpretation and sales linkage"

accurate door-to-door invitation is the basis for the success of the event. "Tata wooden door" is familiar with this. The form of door-to-door invitation has been standardized to how to knock, how to dress, and what auxiliary equipment to carry

the reason why the door-to-door invitation is "accurate" is that the shopping guide has completed the preliminary communication with the target customers when delivering the pre-sale cards, discount cards and invitation cards, distributed the product introduction materials targeted, and recorded the intention and needs of consumers; Then, the employee will make the corresponding product recommendation plan, receive the corresponding customers at the event site, and the salesperson's recommendations are prepared, which greatly improves the transaction rate

"brand deduction and sales linkage": invited customers are the foundation, and under the effect of conformity, they often drive other blindly obedient customers. Many brands use live interpretation and other methods to attract attention, which is also a good method, but the interpretation should also have a theme. It is best to combine the interpretation with the activity theme, product concept and brand story you recommend, which can not only attract eyeballs, but also play the role of educational film, educate on-site consumers, and then directly recommend and clinch a deal

many foreign brands even directly require franchisees not to participate in peripheral activities without permission, so as to ensure that the brand is not affected. Of course, these foreign brands have to face the reality that their stores are empty and other activities are boiling

bargain will only sell low-cost products, and 30% of the customers present each time do not place orders, but they can all develop into your future customers

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