Eastman plans to expand in China

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Eastman plans to expand in China

Eastman Chemical Company (NYSE: EMN) announced that it will implement an expansion plan to increase the production capacity of petroleum resin in the production base of Nanjing Yangtze Eastman Chemical Co., Ltd. by 30% to meet the growing demand in the Asia Pacific region. The expansion project will be completed in May next year. At that time, the production capacity of petroleum resin in the base will increase from 40million pounds to 520 pounds, which is the earliest imported container bag experimental equipment in China at present, 0 million pounds. Vice president of Eastman company and coating, adhesive Damon Warmack, general manager of special polymer and ink business department, said: "It has been four years since the chemical plant of our company was put into operation. During this period, the demand for petroleum resin of Eastman in Asia, especially in the Chinese market, has increased rapidly. It has been recognized that Eastman can produce products that are very important to customers' adhesive formula. This expansion plan shows our commitment to customers - with the expansion of our customers in the Asia Pacific market, we will work with Customers develop together. " Yangzi Eastman company, jointly funded by Eastman Chemical Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Yangzi Petrochemical Industry Corporation, is the largest producer of hydrogenated petroleum resin in the Asia Pacific region. Yangzi Eastman is the first joint venture of Eastman in China, and also the first enterprise outside the United States to produce Eastotac petroleum resin products coated with preservatives with low viscosity. Eastotac tackifying petroleum resin is widely used in terminal chemical products, including pressure-sensitive adhesives and sealants. In addition, Eastotac petroleum resin can also be used to produce hot melt adhesive, which is indispensable for glue sticks, tapes, labels, other adhesive products and packaging materials we usually use. In addition to Eastotac 2. Speed correction of electronic universal testing machine: products, Yangzi Eastman also produces regalite C6100 petroleum resin products, which are used in high-efficiency adhesive products and processes, such as non-woven fabric processing, packaging, binding, glue sticks, pressure-sensitive tapes, adhesive labels and other products and processes that need strong adhesion and thermal stability. Background information:

Introduction to Yangzi Petrochemical Industry Corporation Yangzi Petrochemical Industry Corporation is a subsidiary of Yangzi Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Yangzi Petrochemical Company is one of the largest petrochemical enterprises in China. Relying on its ethylene plant, the company produces chemical products, fiber intermediates and plastic products, with an annual production capacity of 650000 tons. In addition, the company also has an aromatics production plant with an annual capacity of 850000 tons. Eastman Chemical Co., Ltd. produces and sells chemical products, fiber and plastic products, with businesses all over the world. The company provides coatings, adhesives and special plastic products. It is the world's largest producer of pet polymers and a major supplier of cellulose acetate fiber. Founded in 1920, the company is headquartered in Ginsburg, Tennessee, USA. Eastman is a fortune 500 company with sales of $6.6 billion in 2004 and about 12000 employees

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