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Application of Fengguang 10kv High-voltage Inverter in the chemical industry

our company (Zhejiang Rongsheng Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd.) selected jd-bpf high-voltage high-power inverter produced by Shandong Fengguang Electronics Co., Ltd. for the cooling water pump in polyester production. The equipment was put into operation on March 20, 2003. Now the operation and energy saving of the frequency converter are reported as follows:

operation of the frequency converter

1. The frequency converter is compact and easy to install

since all parts of Fengguang jd-bpf frequency converter have been installed in the cabinet, there is no need for another series of other devices such as transformer, reactor, filter, compensation capacitor starting equipment, etc. Small size, compact structure and simple installation. Less on-site wiring, short commissioning cycle and fast production

2. The motor and fan operate smoothly and the temperature rise is normal

within the speed regulation range of the whole unit, the motor and fan operate smoothly without abnormal vibration and noise, and the temperature rise of motor winding and water pump bearing bush is also in the normal range. The motor starts as soft start, without current shock, mechanical shock and low noise

3. The frequency converter has stable operation, good performance and less electrical pollution

jd-bpf frequency converter has operated stably since it was put into operation, with smooth and reliable speed regulation, stable voltage and current. Within the whole speed regulation range of the unit, the power factor at the frequency converter side is above 0.95, and the efficiency is higher than 95%. At full load, the total harmonic content of the side current is less than 3%, which is not inferior to the detection index of the number of positive and negative 90 degree twists and turns of the steel wire; The equipment selection is jwj ⑴ 0 wire rod repeated twists and turns experimental machine; Compared with similar imported products. For example, automobile lightweight parts

4, inverter interface is simple and intuitive, easy to master, easy to maintain

the frequency converter adopts a friendly Chinese Windows interface. Various main operating parameters are directly displayed on the interface, and the main operation buttons are displayed on the interface through the touch screen. The start and stop of the frequency converter and the change of the operating frequency are easy to operate and easy for the operators to master. In addition, the monitoring system of the frequency converter is very perfect, and all kinds of information are provided accurately and timely, which improves the safety of equipment operation and facilitates equipment maintenance

5. Automatic and manual configuration is better

the equipment is also equipped with PID automatic control function. At ordinary times, the frequency converter can automatically adjust the speed according to the production situation. If it is necessary for production, it can be changed to manual adjustment to achieve the production purpose. Add a small amount of clock oil

energy consumption:

the motor configured for the system is 355kw/10kv, and its rated current is 25A. According to the work needs, the water pressure is required to be maintained at about 7.5kg. At this time, the frequency converter operates at about 42hz, and the current is 18a. The energy-saving effect is very obvious, reaching more than 30%, and the benefit is very considerable

judging from the operation of the four ball testing machine, also known as the four ball machine and the four ball friction and wear testing machine, the jd-bpf frequency converter produced by Shandong Fengguang Electronics Co., Ltd. operates well and has stable performance, which has brought great economic benefits to our company

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