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Application of serial port technology in the research of thermal insulation riser

the application of Adam data acquisition module can realize the acquisition and control of various engineering data. When studying the insulation riser, it is necessary to actually pour the insulation riser with different components, continuously measure the temperature data of its molten metal, and draw the corresponding temperature curve, so as to compare the insulation effect of the insulation riser with different components and formulate the optimal raw material ratio. In the original experiment, we used the hot spot couple to read the temperature data. This method brings about reading the temperature data because of the factors that we think, and this method brings errors because of the factors that we think. Therefore, we developed an automatic temperature acquisition system based on ADAM module

1 Adam industrial control module

adam industrial control module is a group of exquisite intelligent signal processing modules, which has the characteristics of complete independent isolation, common ground isolation, optical isolation, etc. for field signals, it is especially suitable for harsh industrial environment, and has the following characteristics

(1) a module can provide a variety of input ranges and forms. Adam analog input module can accept various types and ranges of signals through software setting and planning, so it can increase the flexibility of system design and reduce the demand for spare parts

(2) built in intelligent microprocessor

(3) ASC Ⅱ communication protocol is adopted. Common high-level languages can be used as development tools, and the software is easy to write. It can communicate with any computer through ASC Ⅱ protocol

(4) adopt two-wire RS-485 network architecture. The data transmission is only completed through the RS-485 network of a pair of twisted wires, and the installation and wiring are simple

(5) the module can be plugged in and out with power supply reverse connection protection function. It can avoid damage caused by wrong wiring; The design of hot wire plugging allows disassembly and assembly at any time without affecting the normal work of the network. Figure 1 shows the connection between ADAM-4018 module and computer and the distribution of thermocouples

2serial port communication in Windows environment

a simple way to realize communication in Windows environment is to use the serial port that has provided driver support in windows for serial communication. In the previous DOS environment, these functions were realized by writing serial port interrupt program. In the windows environment, the system completely takes over various hardware resources, and does not allow users to directly control the interrupts in the serial port (in order to realize resource sharing). Programmers can only deal with the serial port through various API (application program interface) functions

3 use visualc++ to write serial port communication program in Windows environment

use visualc++ to write serial port communication program in Windows environment, which mainly adopts the methods of control MSComm serial port programming and windowsAPI serial port programming

mscomm (microsoftcommunicationscontrol) is an ActiveX control provided by Microsoft to simplify serial communication programming under windows. It provides a simple method for applications to send and receive data through the serial interface. It can be used to establish a connection with the serial port, and connect to other communication devices (such as modems) through the serial port to send commands, Exchange data and monitor and respond to events and errors that occur in the serial connection

windowsapi (windowsapplicationprogramminginterface) is the root of all windows applications. Wi it can be said that during microcomputer operation, windows serial port mechanism is encapsulated in ndows98/nt/xp and other operating systems, and its serial communication device driver is V, which controls the driver through API function programming to operate the hardware

4 program design

program design includes: writing software to communicate with ADAM-4018 module; Various functions required in engineering or experiment include: real-time temperature curve, which can improve the dimensional accuracy of products and freely call out historical data. The data flow in the real-time temperature acquisition system is shown in Figure 2

adam module needs to set the address, input, baud rate and other relevant parameters before use. The setting work can be completed through the special application software accompanying the module. After the module is set up, it can be put into application by designing the program according to the needs. For this shell, it only needs to read the field data of the scale at fixed intervals. We use visualc++ programming language to design the program, and use windowsAPI serial port programming technology to transmit and receive data through serial port to provide serial communication function for the program

5 experimental results and branch

5.1 smelting and pouring

experiments were carried out at the production site, and the smelting equipment was 200kg acid medium frequency induction furnace. In order to compare the heat preservation and feeding effects of heating risers and ordinary risers, schemes 1, 2, 3 and 4 with the same riser diameter and the ordinary heat preservation risers (No. 5) produced by a factory in Shandong Qu are put into a sand box, and the method of pouring type 5 of the utilization case box in the medical industry will be shown to the audience by 1 arbor company. In order to ensure the consistency of pouring conditions, five castings adopt the central gate mode and the unknown mode of concealed riser, and the pouring temperature is about 1530 ℃ (accurately measured by the temperature meter in front of the furnace). Due to the heat loss during pouring and mold filling, the actual temperature of the metal in the riser sleeve is about 1400 ℃. Five risers were measured by five identical platinum rhodium hot spot couples

5.2 temperature curve and analysis

Figure 3 shows the temperature curve obtained by connecting five channels at the same time and measuring at a time interval of 30s. The metal in the five different insulation risers measured is 45 steel

as shown in Figure 3, the five temperature curves from top to bottom correspond to risers 1 to 5 respectively. It can be seen intuitively that the slopes of the five temperature curves increase from top to bottom, corresponding to their respective cooling rates increase from top to next, that is, the insulation effect of each riser decreases from top to next, so we can have a more direct understanding of the insulation effect of five insulation risers of different materials, which is very consistent with our experimental expectations

if you need to accurately analyze the temperature data, you can directly call up the corresponding temperature data and the corresponding accurate time from the database for further analysis

6 conclusion

through the introduction of serial port technology and ADAM module in the insulation riser test, the traditional temperature measurement method in the insulation riser test through the analysis of the quality of molten aluminum in each work area and the evaluation of the operation of the electrolytic cell is improved, which makes the experimental results more accurate and reliable, reduces the experimental workload, increases the intuitive display method, and fully embodies its advantages in the insulation riser test

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