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The application of sanch frequency converter in building construction elevator

1. Introduction

construction elevator is an essential and important construction equipment to cooperate with large tower crane in modern high-rise construction. Especially in the construction of high-rise and super high-rise buildings, it plays an irreplaceable role in ensuring the construction period and safety, reducing construction costs and reducing labor intensity. At the same time, it is also an important symbol of the equipment level of the construction team. According to general experience, each tower crane for high-rise use shall be equipped with at least one construction lift. This paper introduces the good performance and energy-saving effect of sanch S3000 inverter in construction elevator

2. Introduction to ordinary elevators in building construction

elevators, as vertical transportation equipment for transporting personnel and bulk materials in general high-rise buildings, have been widely used. There are dozens of varieties produced in China, more than 90% of which are 1-2 ton, but their existing problems are basically the same as tower cranes. The main reasons are as follows:

1) control system

the control system is a key part of the construction elevator, which determines the performance of the whole machine. The control mode of ordinary elevators is realized through contactor control. The speed is single, the impact of starting and braking is large, the damage to the structure and mechanism is serious, and the electrical components are easy to be damaged, and the running speed is relatively low, generally 34-38m/min, which not only affects the construction speed, but also affects the benefits of the construction enterprise, and can realize the three closed-loop control requirements of load, displacement and deformation. If the speed is simply increased, the acceleration will be too large, and the impact on the structure and mechanism will be too large, which will accelerate the wear of gear rack and brake disc, thus reducing the reliability of operation

2) starting and braking system

ordinary elevators are started by direct starting or star delta step-down starting. The impact is very large, causing serious damage to the motor and electrical components. At the same time, the materials in the elevator are easy to fall, especially in some construction sites, elevators are also manned There are great potential safety hazards

the braking of ordinary elevators is forced by mechanical holding brake. When the elevator suddenly drops from high speed to zero speed, due to the effect of inertia, it not only causes damage to the structure and mechanism, but also the materials in the elevator are easy to fall, which also has certain potential safety hazards

3) leveling system

when the ordinary elevator decelerates to the leveling, there is no crawling process, and it decelerates directly from the running speed to zero speed. The leveling of the elevator is manually controlled by the driver through visual inspection, which is inefficient, and it often needs several times of inching up and down to stop the floor accurately. It not only reduces the efficiency, but also increases the fatigue of the drive and control system, shortens the service life, and at the same time, it will also make the materials inside unable to be transported, wasting time and affecting the work efficiency

3) introduction to frequency conversion system

model: the main technical indicators of sg/185 must meet the requirements of relevant method standards for cement pressure testing machine. When users choose pressure testing machine, p043a; 15KW; 380V; Wiring diagram with energy consumption braking unit:

S3000 series frequency converter is a new generation of high-performance vector frequency converter launched by Taiwan's Acer mechanism, which represents the development direction of future frequency converters. Compared with the traditional inverter, it is not realized through multiple series of products (thus increasing additional manufacturing, sales, use and maintenance costs) in meeting the different performance and functional needs of customers, but through the modular design based on the reasonable segmentation of customer needs, and through the multi module combination of single series products, a customized platform is created. It is one of the few inverters in China that really has flux vector technology

1. Plastic shrinkage and its influencing factors this series of frequency converters adopt excellent speed vector free control strategy to make it have fast dynamic response, advanced current limiting technology and hardware optimization design, which can ensure that the frequency converter will not trip under the condition of frequent load fluctuations. And it has the following characteristics:


perfect reliability design scheme: such as redundancy design, derating design, etc., all components are of industrial or military grade; Professional production platform, so as to ensure the reliability of the whole machine

soft start

compared with the power frequency starting mode, the use of frequency converter control can reduce the vibration and false impact of mechanical parts, save maintenance costs for users, and operate stably

high starting torque

adopts high-performance flux vector control mode, and provides stable high output torque in low frequency band


s3000 has a zero servo function, so that the motor can output full torque at zero speed. Even if the brake is loose or fails, there will be no weight sliding, ensuring the safety and reliability of the system

adopt advanced modern AC variable frequency speed regulation technology to carry out technical transformation of the elevator electric drive system, so that the elevator can realize stable operation, improve operation efficiency, improve overload operation, eliminate starting and braking impact, reduce electrical maintenance, reduce electric energy consumption, and improve power factor, which can achieve good results. At the same time, it also has overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage and input phase loss protection, as well as overtemperature, overload, overspeed, overheating of braking unit, i/o fault protection, motor fault protection, etc. the frequency conversion speed regulation method has the following remarkable characteristics:

high efficiency, its running speed can reach 60 ~ 70m/min, which is twice the running speed of traditional elevators (34m/min)

stepless speed regulation technology effectively solves the transmission impact of the mechanism and extends the service life of gears, rollers, bearings and racks. Because the frequency conversion system has the function of current limiting, it reduces the impact current on the electricity when the motor realizes the loading and unloading of the sample, alleviates the interaction between electrical equipment, and greatly improves the current carrying capacity of the cable. The power supply cable does not need to be increased, but can be reduced compared with the constant speed elevator. It not only saves costs, but also creates convenience for cable retraction and release

the variable frequency speed regulation system has perfect safety protection function. Such as undervoltage, overvoltage, over torque, overcurrent protection, etc., so that the reliability and safety of the entire electronic control system can be guaranteed. Because the system is zero speed braking, and the brake has no relative rotation friction, the service life is infinite in theory, and it is actually extended by at least ten times

leveling control system with superior performance. The leveling of the traditional elevator is realized by the driver by visual and manual control, which is inefficient. It often needs to move up and down several times to stop the floor accurately. Both reduce efficiency and increase

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