A box of Solomon magic bottles fell from the train

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A box of "Solomon magic bottles" fell off the car

a box of "Solomon magic bottles" fell off the car

July 6, 2005

a driver of a sanitary treatment company accidentally lost 10 bottles of highly toxic aluminum phosphide on the way. Once the bottle cap is opened, the consequences are unimaginable. After receiving the emergency alarm, the police immediately launched an emergency plan, quickly and comprehensively blocked the bonded area, and dispatched a large number of police to investigate and ensure safety -

the police carpet search for the loss of highly toxic

a driver of a sanitation treatment company, in 1. Shortening the service life of the electronic universal laboratory machine: a box containing 10 bottles of highly toxic substances was accidentally lost during the transportation of electrostatic adsorption dust. In order to find it, the police conducted a carpet search. Yesterday, the police learned that the box of "time bombs" had been safely recovered

received an emergency alarm

highly toxic chemicals were accidentally lost

at about 12 noon on June 30, Xiamen 110 command center received an emergency alarm: Wang, the driver of a sanitation treatment Co., Ltd. under the municipal inspection and Quarantine Bureau, accidentally lost a box of 10 kg highly toxic chemicals named aluminum phosphide during transportation one and a half hours ago

Wang said that there are 10 bottles of aluminum phosphide in this box, each containing 300 tablets. These tablets will immediately become liquid and volatilize into highly toxic gases when they encounter air. Once the sealed bottle cap is opened, it can immediately cause death, quickly pollute the surrounding space, and explode or burn when encountering water

the crisis plan was launched, and multiple departments rushed to the scene to support

as highly toxic substances were lost in the Xiangyu Bonded Area, 110 reported the alarm to the Xiangyu port police station. At the same time, the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the land and water transportation branch immediately dispatched police forces such as the Criminal Investigation Brigade and the public security department to the scene for support. The Health Bureau, the entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau and the production safety supervision bureau also rushed to the scene immediately after receiving the report, and all the crisis plans were launched

when the police arrived, Mr. Wang was so scared that he couldn't even tell the story clearly and couldn't remember where he lost his things. The police also learned that previously, the relevant person in charge of Wang's unit had mobilized the employees to look for it for more than an hour, but they didn't find it until they called the police

blockade of the bonded area

all vehicles entering and leaving the port area were interrogated

12:20, the police station in the port area was almost in full swing, the two access doors in the bonded area were blocked, and all vehicles entering and leaving the port area were interrogated

12:45, after receiving the alarm, Siming and Huli sub bureaus informed the public security brigade of the case. Once "drugs" were found to flow out of the port area, they were ready to conduct an inventory throughout the city, and sub bureaus outside the island assisted in the investigation


15, 500 emergency search notices were printed and distributed to the drivers at the inspection stations in and out of the port area. At the same time, they contacted the media and issued a notice

the police divided into several roads to start the carpet search

more than 50 policemen divided into several roads and started the carpet search at the same time. A passer-by visits the transportation unit in the port area and contacts all drivers; Another passer-by checked all surveillance videos in the port area. There were also two teams along the way. They joined in the middle on foot from the two ends of the route Wang passed that day. Each two people formed a group and asked pedestrians and drivers along the road with photos of lost items

18 o'clock, the two teams of people who searched on foot met, and the search without results made everyone more worried

liudinghuaming 10 poison showed signs

at this time, a female worker on the roadside rode by on a bicycle, and Chen Dongning, the captain of the Criminal Investigation Brigade, ran over and grabbed her like a reflex: "look at this photo, have you seen this thing?" The female worker glanced at it and said, "I found it on the roadside this morning. I don't know if it's still there now."

it turned out that this female worker, Xiao Tan, was responsible for the greening work in the port area. She worked here in the morning. When she was ready to go back at more than 10 o'clock, she passed the corner of the fourth South Lantau road and saw a paper box standing on the road. It was estimated that she fell from a passing car. A silver bottle was thrown from the box to the roadside, but the bottle was not broken. Because she was worried that the box would be crushed by cars, she moved it to the roadside bushes. 18: 15. The carton containing 10 bottles of aluminum phosphide was finally removed from behind the trees in good condition

poisons were placed on the roof at will and lost on the roadside as soon as they reached the corner.

according to the police, the process of Wang's loss of highly toxic substances should be like this: at about 8 a.m. on June 30, after Wang took out a box of aluminum phosphide highly toxic chemicals from the company, he and two other colleagues prepared to go to several stockyards in Xiangyu tax protection zone for anti-virus operations. The trunk bucket behind his pickup truck was installed into two iron cabinets with locks. After Mr. Wang put the tools used for operation into the iron cabinet, there was no place for the box of aluminum phosphide. He had to put the box on the top of the iron cabinet and drove away

At about 10 o'clock, Wang and his colleagues packed up their tools and prepared to leave after completing the operation task with a very low tensile strength (23mpa) of PCL. After taking the collected tools directly into the cab, Mr. Wang started the car. He had forgotten that the carton containing the unused toxic substances was still put on the top of the cabinet behind the car and confiscated it

at the corner from Xiangxing fifth road to Yunan Fourth Road, the carton behind the car fell off. Ten minutes later, Xiao Tan passed by and saw the carton on the ground

after the danger is eliminated, the police will follow up the laws of the relevant perpetrators and give corresponding punishment

aluminum phosphide

aluminum phosphide is a solid insecticide, which is rapidly decomposed into highly toxic gas phosphine after encountering water or acid. It is widely used for fumigation and insect killing in grain warehouses, and is called moth killing medicine in the folk

has strong toxicity to humans and animals; The explosion point is low. China will impose tariffs on wood pulp, waste pulp and finished paper from the United States. Aluminum is easy to explode when it decomposes rapidly

after poisoning, the gastrointestinal system showed nausea, vomiting, pharyngeal burning, discomfort behind the sternum, epigastric pain, discomfort, abdominal distension, diarrhea, and a few hematemesis; The manifestations of cardiovascular system are hypotension, shock, chest tightness, palpitation, etc; Neurological manifestations include dizziness, headache, diplopia, numbness of hands and feet, and coma in severe cases

acute aluminum phosphide poisoning is often critical, with high mortality and difficult treatment

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