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Application of satellite flexo printing machine in carton preprint

in the case of mass production and no version change, flexo preprint printing speed is fast and production efficiency is high. Satellite flexo printing machine, with printing speed of 300m/min, can replace the plate roller and the wrinkle roller without stopping the machine. Pre printed cartons are overprinted accurately, with high printing quality, bright color and rich layers of finished products; Because the high-precision satellite flexo printing machine has uniform printing pressure and is not affected by the height of corrugation, the printing quality of field, line and text is very good. The closed doctor blade system can ensure the optimal ink volume of the roller and the printing plate, improve the ink transfer function of the short ink path system, and make the ink layer thick and the ink color consistent. Because the corrugated is not squeezed by the printing pressure, the carton has high strength and good flatness. After the large range of roll to roll printing experiment is brushed, the printed color roll can be directly placed on the vermicelli L - the distance between the marks when the sample breaks or yields, and the corrugated paper board can be glued together to make a single-chip carton, giving full play to the automatic and high-speed equipment advantages of the printing machine and the corrugated machine

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