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Application of safety CAD system in practical work

when most people's attention is still focused on the function and ease of use of CAD software, the author of this paper puts forward another point of view - the safety of CAD system. In today's information age, the concept of information security will be more and more familiar and valued by everyone

introduction: it was learned at an industry conference held a few years ago that a set of technologically advanced products developed by our enterprise were developed and put on the market by our competitors before us. Considering that this project has been independently researched and developed by our unit, It is analyzed that there may be the following reasons that directly or indirectly caused the company's losses:

◎ some designers intentionally or unintentionally leaked the drawings outside the company through the network

◎ copied them from the unit through mobile storage devices and intentionally or unintentionally lost them outside the company

◎ some designers engaged in private business during the company's normal working hours

◎ some designers left the company before leaving Take away the copies of confidential materials of the Department

◎ the company's employees have carried out destructive operations on the company's design results. The above reasons may lead to the leakage of the company's R & D results, causing economic losses to the company. For design and construction enterprises like us, drawings are the carrier of all important information. While strengthening the management of employees, the task of ensuring the safety of drawings is more important

I. application background of tiscad system

under the current situation, enterprises can obtain the best benefits if they can master the latest technology. Therefore, for an enterprise that masters the latest technology in the industry, the confidentiality of drawings is particularly important. On the other hand, the expansion of business volume will inevitably lead to the aggravation of designers' design tasks, but blindly increasing designers cannot solve the problem. After research and analysis, enterprise leaders found the reasons for the long design time and slow development speed, which are roughly as follows

1. Decoupling design and production

designers do not understand production and inventory management, so that the design change time exceeds the design time, and the designers spend more time on fire fighting on site than in front of the computer

2. Poor internal information communication in the design department

the investment is about 31.61 million yuan

because resources are not shared, designers often carry out repetitive work. For example, if only the difference in the opening position of the same part changes, it can be modified to generate a new drawing, while others choose to redraw without knowing the existing drawings

3. Designers should go to the reference room in person to query drawings, change the base map, etc.

because the reference room stores paper media data, it is very difficult for designers to find a set of drawings. And it is required to put it in order after consulting, which wastes a lot of time for designers

after a lot of investigation work, we finally cooperated with Beijing Qingruan Yingtai Information Technology Co., Ltd. to apply their 863 achievement to convert it into a secure CAD system. The problems that need to be solved urgently in the application of the existing CAD system in enterprises include:

◎ the problem of electronic drawing damage

◎ lack of effective backup after electronic drawings are damaged

◎ electronic drawing retrieval and management are confused

◎ electronic drawing version maintenance problems

◎ the collaborative design of different designers leads to inconsistent versions

◎ it is easy to cause version inconsistency when the same user modifies at different times

◎ loss of electronic drawings

◎ CAD drawing files stored in hard disk are easy to be copied out

◎ CAD drawing files can be sent through the network

◎ lack of tracking means for the flow direction of electronic drawings

◎ it is easy for people in different departments and the same department with different authorities to access drawings beyond their authority

◎ employees leave with important documents

it can be seen that the enterprise security CAD system can ensure the confidentiality of basic data and realize data sharing and exchange within the enterprise. Once the leakage of drawings and documents occurs, the system should be able to provide a reliable security guarantee, so that the drawing and document data can still exist in a safe form and cannot be effectively accessed. At the same time, corresponding audit logs shall be provided for investigation

As a specific security product with independent intellectual property rights, tiscad widely refers to industry technical standards and specifications, and fully considers the defects of similar products in system level and application level security performance. It provides kernel level integrated security functions based on middleware. On the basis of not affecting the drawing, design and other functions of the original CAD system, it provides the enterprise users with different security needs with the security business ability of parametrically adjustable security level

II. Specific application mode of tiscad

1 Client

◎ login: each time you run the MDS system, you must first carry out identity authentication (you must use a legal computer, a legal user, and a correct password). After connecting with the server and authenticating (the login interface is shown in Figure 1), you can enter the MDS system and carry out corresponding drawing operations

Figure 1 login interface

◎ save: the principle of the system is to save the disk and encrypt it. The whole encryption process is automatically executed at the bottom of the system, and the user himself cannot feel it. When the file is opened, the system automatically decrypts it. More importantly, when the user exits the MDS system after saving the design drawings, the system will force the saved documents to be submitted to the server

◎ drawing communication: a drawing can only be shared by the designer or project manager of the drawing or authorized to another designer for reference. Other users cannot browse or copy others' drawings at will

◎ upgrading of old documents: the system provides the function of batch encryption of documents, which can batch encrypt the drawings designed in the past at one time to ensure the unity of data format

◎ drawings going out: there are two kinds of situations. One is legal and normal application to other enterprises. The system administrator with legal authority must decrypt them through the management card on the server side and enter the corresponding password, and then apply them to other enterprises through normal ways. The second situation is that the internal personnel of the enterprise go out to carry the drawings. The personnel must first apply for the outgoing drawings, and then the system administrator authorizes the outgoing personnel through the management card and issues the user card. The user card must follow a specific person and computer, and the user can use it normally after the applied drawing is bound

2. Server side

◎ user Excellence Management: you can set the organization, personnel, projects and related permissions. As shown in Figure 2

◎ drawing management: drawings can be added and decrypted in single or batch; Can track the drawing (track the source of the drawing); You can also verify whether the drawing is encrypted. As shown in Figure 3

◎ card management: you can issue user cards and set the permissions of user cards (including: users, bound computers, effective time, effective times, bound drawings, etc.); Cancellation and verification of cards

◎ log management: it can record the operation of each user on the MDS system, make statistics on relevant items, and automatically generate histograms or statistical tables; You can also output the statistical results

◎ system setting "The utilization of the above thermal insulation plastic building materials in buildings in the United States, Japan and other countries has been 10 points mature: the computer applied by the client and the client can be authenticated to identify whether the user has the right to use the system; the drawings deleted by the client can be replied or completely deleted; the drawing data on the server can be backed up and restored.

III. application effect

after the implementation and promotion of the project for about 2 months, the safe version of M D S has been It has entered a virtuous circle and produced significant economic effects. It is mainly reflected in the following five aspects

(1) it strengthens the security and confidentiality of drawings, effectively prevents the leakage of drawings, saves the backup of drawings, and ensures that the drawings of the client side are saved on the server side, while the backup is also retained

(2) it improves the degree of information sharing and reduces the influence of human factors in enterprises. Manage all kinds of drawings in an orderly manner; The drawings are organized in the form of product structure tree, which connects the isolated "technology islands", thus improving the degree of information sharing

(3) improve the speed of information transmission and reduce the waste of human resources. The rapid flow of information between departments has formed a flow process, which greatly improves the efficiency of work

(4) improve the drawing management level and shorten the time of data review. The drawings are retrieved by computer, which is fast and accurate, convenient to borrow between drawings, quickly modify the old drawings to generate new drawings, reduce repeated design, improve work efficiency, and there will be no problems such as duplicate drawing numbers and occupied document numbers. The version management of drawings and documents is clear

(5) improve the management level of the enterprise, limit the authority of each employee with the continuous deepening of building energy conservation, and everyone can't exceed their authority and do things beyond the authority, ensuring the vertical management and benign operation of the enterprise

Figure 2 remote file management

Figure 3 drawing management system interface


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