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Application of Sanken frequency converter in high-speed fine wire drawing machine

I. device overview

high speed fine wire drawing machine is one of the wire drawing machine equipment, which is mainly used for drawing copper wire. Its main electrical transmission part is composed of drafting motor, take-up motor and wire laying motor. Other auxiliary parts of the equipment are composed of swing rod (tension frame), positioning wheel, branching wheel, reciprocating wire rod, etc. The drafting motor drives the wire drawing pulley to operate. The four-stage wire drawing pulley is linked by the belt to realize metal stretching, and the winding motor realizes winding. The equipment overview and functional requirements are as follows:

1.1 basic parameters of the equipment:

1.2 technical specifications and requirements:

◎ the same step requirements when the equipment starts and increases speed

◎ keep the tension constant when the equipment is running

◎ it is required to be synchronized when parking, without wire breakage or tension relaxation

◎ disconnection protection required by equipment safety production

◎ inching threading function

◎ external button starts operation

◎ running speed display

◎ the ratio of empty disc to full disc diameter of the winding wheel is about 1:3

◎ the full plate weight is about 50kg

◎ the maximum operating frequency is about 70hz

II. System composition

2.1 according to the equipment situation, the following models and components are selected as electrical transmission equipment

inv1 drafting frequency converter shf-11kw-a

inv2 winding frequency converter s testing machine loading problem is how to solve hf-4.0kw-b does not need subsequent treatment part

braking resistance 1000w/80 Ω

2.2 drafting motor adopts shf-11kw-a frequency converter, The winding motor adopts shf-4.0kw-b special winding frequency converter (with external braking resistance)

2.3 take the operation command and output frequency signal of host inv1 as the operation command and frequency command of slave inv2 to realize synchronous operation

2.4 when stopping, For the heavy full disc, brake in the opposite direction to prevent wire breakage caused by inertia

2.5 realize the jog function during threading operation with jog function

2.6 take the output voltage signal of the swing rod as the feedback signal for internal variable PID correction control, and predict the graphic operation with the travel speed of the unique winding curve of the Sanken frequency converter, so as to realize the winding at a constant line speed and meet the process requirements

2.7 take the output voltage signal of the swing rod as the feedback signal for internal variable PID correction control, and use the unique winding curve of Sanken frequency converter for speed prediction graphic operation, so as to realize constant linear speed winding and meet the process requirements

2.8 the electrical control diagram of the system is as follows:

III. parameter setting

IV. conclusion

4.1 high speed thin wire, but it is in the industry standard jc/t building thermal insulation aluminum alloy profile standard The tensile strength and shear strength values are specified. During the whole working process of the wire drawing machine, its process requirements are mainly to maintain the constant tension of winding. Especially in high-speed operation and heavy disc winding, the synchronous control of acceleration and deceleration of the frequency converter and the control requirements for the inertia of the winding wheel during deceleration and shutdown are high. After debugging and operation, wd05 series frequency converter meets the user's process requirements in acceleration and deceleration operation, high-speed operation and parking braking

4.2 in order to meet the requirements for safe production and drying with compressed air, the wire break protection function of wd05 series frequency converter, in addition to the normal setting of the correction amount holding area, the winding frequency converter takes the frequency value given by inv1 as the reference reference reference value to limit the PID adjustment effect caused by the action of the tension frame. (end)

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