Application of the hottest self-adhesive materials

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Application of self-adhesive materials

through the selection and combination of surface materials, adhesives, anti sticking paper and anti mucous membrane, self-adhesive materials suitable for a variety of application fields can be produced

1. daily necessities and related products

1) cosmetics: the labels used for cosmetics have a sense of transparency and gloss. From the perspective of container recycling, there are self-adhesive materials that are re exposed and recycled together with the labels and containers. In order to meet the anti-counterfeiting requirements, the anti-counterfeiting function of cosmetic labels is also very important

2) stationery and office supplies: labels used in this field not only have good printability, but also consider environmental protection. The adhesive surface substrate, adhesive and anti sticking paper of recycled paper can be recycled as waste paper. Fully degradable adhesive paper is suitable for binding sealing labels and index labels

3) household products: the labels of household products such as shampoo, kitchen detergent and wet paper towels should have water resistance, transparency or surface adaptability to soft material containers. In addition, some labels use environmentally friendly adhesives

2. The labels used for food packaging of food related products should generally have excellent low-temperature adhesion, water resistance and good adhesion to PP and PE fresh-keeping films, and should be widely used in frozen and refrigerated food. Some manufacturers have also introduced special self-adhesive materials that are easy to peel off in the process of container cleaning

3. Identification tags identification tags should be used in various environments, requiring strong durability, weather resistance, water resistance, as well as repeated pasting and re uncovering. They can be used in car advertisements, pop advertisements, eye-catching signs, etc

4. Logistics related products

1) Logistics: labels used for logistics purposes are generally required to be able to adapt to the harsh use environment, print various bar codes, two-dimensional bar codes and other variable information, and can be opened and pasted repeatedly. In addition, there is adhesive label material for warm water peeling plastic turnover boxes. This polyethylene and polypropylene material label is required to be firmly pasted on the way of goods delivery, but the label is easy to be washed off when the container is cleaned with warm water after use. According to the printing and printing methods, there are generally thermal paper and offset paper

2) retail, supermarket, service: it can be used for pop signs. According to different purposes, different printing processes can be used to produce colorful pop

5. Drug labels of pharmaceutical and medical related products are required to meet the needs of high-precision printing, with good printability, friction resistance, long-term preservation, drug resistance, curved surface adhesion and solvent resistance. In addition, in order to nip in the bud, drug labels are generally required to have anti-counterfeiting functions

6. industrial related products

1) automobile: self-adhesive labels used in the automobile industry should have strong high temperature resistance and solvent resistance, which are suitable for pasting in the engine, trunk and other parts

2) electrical appliances and office automation equipment: labels are required to have durability, heat resistance, water resistance, dimensional stability, environmental protection, and meet the requirements of plastic raw material recycling

3) signs and warning labels: warning labels generally require durability, strong texture, strong decoration and reliable performance

7. Some anti-counterfeiting labels of safety and anti-counterfeiting related products will appear on the objects to be pasted after being lifted; Some anti-counterfeiting labels will be destroyed once they are uncovered, so as to prevent the labels from being used again by criminals. Tamper proof self-adhesive materials are specially treated and coated with aluminum plated films on the surface substrate. After uncovering the label, the words "opened" will appear on the surface materials and the objects to be pasted. There is also a fragile label, whose surface substrate is a brittle film. As long as the label is opened, the label material itself will be destroyed

8. environmental protection related products

1) non polychlorinated products: they are required to have the same performance as polychlorinated membranes, but will not produce harmful substances during combustion treatment

2) recyclable products: after recycling the used labels, they can be classified according to their material composition, which can improve the work efficiency during regeneration

3) recycle and reuse products: in order to recycle the used containers more effectively, it is often required that the labels pasted on the containers should be easy to tear off. Generally, environmental friendly self-adhesive materials are mainly considered from the following aspects: waste treatment, recycling and reuse of bearing objects, use of recycled paper, and reduction of the amount of organic solvents in the production process of adhesives. For example, fully degradable self-adhesive paper, surface substrate, adhesive and anti sticking paper can be recycled as waste paper, which is most suitable for direct mail labels. The West constitutes a vast rubber and plastic consumer market and many large manufacturing bases

4) film covering: by using special film materials to film the printed matter, it can not only reflect the soft feeling of matte, but also greatly improve the export share to emerging countries. It can also block the UV zigzag fixture, provide adjustable support span and replaceable bending center, and inhibit the fading of the printed matter. The new trend of self-adhesive label materials in recent years, environmental friendly self-adhesive materials and technologies have become a new trend. Manufacturers pay attention to environmental protection when developing new products, which meets the requirements of sustainable development. Here are some new products developed by Japanese manufacturers for your reference

1. Homogeneous and material. The material of the object to be pasted is exactly the same as that of the label material, which is conducive to the recycling of the object, and there is no need to tear off the label for reprocessing

2. Degradable materials. Corn fiber is used to produce self-adhesive film, which can be degraded when buried underground

3. solventless. Do not use organic solvents in the coating of self-adhesive adhesives and silicone oil, and try not to use chemical solvents that are not conducive to environmental protection

4. Silicone oil free self-adhesive film. Generally, the anti sticking paper of self-adhesive materials is coated with silicone oil, but the self-adhesive label pasted on the computer memory device is not coated with silicone oil, because this can avoid the bad action of the memory device

5, no PVC. PVC will produce harmful substances during combustion. If you use polyolefin film instead of PVC, harmful gases will no longer be produced during combustion

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