Brief comment on the opening of LLDPE warehouse re

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On July 8, a brief comment on the opening of LLDPE warehouse receipts

rumors in the market about Sinopec's price reduction today gradually began to boil. Most downstream factories stopped to wait and see. There were few inquiries, and they often took the goods carefully when necessary. Main warehouse receipt ll0808 opened low 1. The traditional zigzag experiment is to complete the high-speed walk on the new industry benchmark machine set up by the universal experiment for the purchasers of this high-performance vehicle. It opens low at 14800 yuan/ton, with long and short confrontation, and the selling is dominant. From the 5-minute K-line trend chart, the 5-day moving average line is far away from the crossing entity, and the moving average system row also needs to be fully and effectively checked. It is chaotic, and the market is torn up by long and short, and the selling is profitable

due to poor transactions, traders' mentality is very poor, most of the quotations are flat, and Sinopec LLDPE brand is seriously inverted. In terms of the impact of spot goods, I predict that the recent linear market will be dominated by oscillation consolidation

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