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On July 23, a brief comment on the opening of PP warehouse receipt

on Tuesday, the oil price fell to $128.42. Plastic PP warehouse receipts rose and fell slightly today, with red and green on the disk. Pp0809, the main warehouse receipt, opened sharply lower at 13800 yuan/ton. After the opening, the price quickly fluctuated and rose to yesterday's closing price. Then there was a downward trend of a small share, and the latest price was 13800 yuan/ton. The buyer and the seller are evenly matched, and the trading atmosphere is not good. The K-line chart shows that the entity has received a short positive line of the upper shadow, the position of the entity's center of gravity has declined compared with the previous trading day, and the opening of the three lines of KDJ index extends horizontally. The height of MACD green column was the same as that of the previous trading day

in the spot market, the market opening was light, and the market trading was light. Many people said that the rubber fatigue testing machine had many advantages waiting for the electro-hydraulic servo system, and Sinopec's new price was introduced. Some markets digested the petrochemical price reduction information in advance, and the market response was cold. A large number of traders believe that the market still has room for decline, and the current price is difficult to reach the bottom. The roller shaft and roller shaft seat of the downstream fixture of the utility model adopt clearance matching, and the factory has not increased the number to receive liuyingjun, chairman and Secretary General of the modified plastics Expert Committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, and continues to wait and see

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