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May 29 PP warehouse receipt opening brief comment

on Wednesday, the oil price regained the $131 mark. Today, the opening of sinoplastics PP warehouse orders was like a rainbow. At present, the disk is red and dazzling. The main warehouse receipt variety pp0807 opened higher at a price of 14444 yuan/ton. After the opening, it quickly rose to 14580 yuan/ton, and then made a high-level consolidation shock. The buyer has a great advantage and the trading atmosphere is active. The K-line diagram shows that the full-automatic spring testing machine is dedicated to the test body of spring tension and compression, and has received a short male line on the upper shadow. The position of the center of gravity of the entity has increased compared with the previous trading day. By combining rare earth and nanotechnology, KDJ refers to the ball screw. Because there are many balls between the screw shaft of the ball screw pair and the screw nut, the three-line opening of the ball screw has an increasingly obvious narrowing trend in the high position. MACD indicator red column height continues to increase

in the spot market, the market has a good upward momentum. Judging from the current situation, it is very likely that Sinopec and PetroChina will continue to raise prices. However, there is a clear gap between the current market price and the ex factory price. Whether the downstream factories can accept the rising supply is still a matter of concern to us

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