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Brief comment on opening of PP warehouse receipt on May 13

on Monday, the oil price fell for the first time after breaking the record all the way. Today, China Plastics PP warehouse receipt rose slightly, and the disk was still red. The main warehouse receipt variety pp0806 opened at a high price of 13480 yuan/ton. After the opening, the price of the plastic recycling system immediately rose to the high point of 13500 yuan/ton. However, the commanding height was not maintained and quickly fell below the opening price, with a downward trend. The buyer and the seller compete fiercely, and the atmosphere is not good when the proportion of trading breakpoints is smaller. The K-line diagram shows that the entity has received a short shadow line, the center of gravity of the entity has moved up slightly, the three lines of KDJ index tensile testing machine and other products have a cross trend, and the red column height of MACD index has slightly decreased

in the spot market, there is a consolidation trend in the market. Some traders are a little confused about the market trend, but the volume of the seal is changing. At present, the overall price of PetroChina is higher than that of Sinopec, and the ex factory price of powder materials is also partially higher than that of granular materials. There is still room for Sinopec to rise. However, in view of such a large profit space, businesses are somewhat confused about whether the market will continue to rise

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