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The sound insulation of casement windows in windows is better. Of course, the most important thing is to choose well-known door and window brands! Yifa high-end sound proof doors and windows create a comfortable and noble life for you

after working all day and dragging your tired body home, the best hope is to have a good sleep tonight

however, the noise next door, the noise of cars and horses outside the window...

in the process of buying a house, we are nothing more than asking for: good location, good house type, good sound insulation...

everything else is easy to say, on the sound insulation, it's difficult

how to reduce noise

according to research, living in a noise polluted environment for a long time may have adverse effects on human cardio cerebrovascular and fertility

how to sound insulation has also become a major topic to improve the quality of life

in daily life, what we need to do is to isolate low-frequency noise. For example, the location of the house should be far away from the noise ground or the construction of a separation wall

in addition to the sound insulation wall made for the wall to deal with the noise around the house; The sound insulation ceiling should be made for the noise upstairs. Soft solid wood furniture and carpets also have good sound absorption effect

effective sound insulation methods

however, the most direct outdoor sound insulation still depends on the window

Yifa Huiying casement window

it is best to choose a window with insulating glass, so that the sound insulation effect is more significant. Not enough? Fill the hollow with inert gas, and the effect will be known after use

the sound insulation of casement windows in windows is better. Of course, the most important thing is to choose well-known door and window brands

ordinary doors and windows only meet the basic requirements of ventilation, lighting and shelter

brand doors and windows not only have good air tightness, water tightness, wind pressure resistance and safety performance, but also have better sound insulation and create a high-quality home environment

don't let your 100W home be destroyed by this little detail at last

advantages of brand doors and windows

1. Perfect performance

sealant strip and sealant are the key parts of door and window sound insulation. Many door and window products on the market do not achieve significant effect in sound insulation

brand doors and windows pay attention to fine processing, installation and good sealing performance. Of course, this has a lot to do with its frequent cooperation with well-known suppliers

poor quality doors and windows are often not installed as required, with poor sealing performance. They are easy to deform, fall off and age after exposure to the sun and rain. They are not only not sound proof, but also may leak air and rain

Yifa products

2. The profile is not general

in addition, the brand doors and windows are relatively guaranteed in materials, such as meeting the requirements of the national standard, and their appearance value is or higher

brand doors and windows shall comply with the national building materials standard. The thickness of bridge cutoff aluminum profile shall not be less than 1.4 mm, with good stiffness, strength and corrosion resistance

in order to reduce the cost, the thickness of inferior doors and windows is difficult to meet the national standard. Most of the materials are processed from recycled aluminum alloy. When we buy such products, it is easy to leave great hidden dangers

a good choice makes your home more advanced

3. The service life is not general

the price differentiation of hardware in the market is serious, some can be bought as long as dozens of pieces, while some cost threeorfour


hardware with good quality should be treated through a variety of processes, with flawless process details and good quality, so as to achieve the best surface touch and service life

the safety of doors and windows depends on the choice of hardware to a certain extent, which should be paid attention to when purchasing

your choice makes your life safe and noble

4. The decorative effect is not general

it is the same material, and there is a huge gap in the manufacturing process in different manufacturers

this is only a small difference in the production of doors and windows. There are also Zhongting connection, milling accuracy, hardware assembly, etc. the production process of brand doors and windows is different from that of small workshops. It is not simply replication, but independent research and development, forming a school of its own

make your home look a little expensive

5. The waterproof effect is not general

when we choose doors and windows, in addition to the price, the more important thing is the practicality of doors and windows

in recent years, the door and window industry has invested a lot of money and technology in product performance. For example, there are more and more windows with increasingly perfect drainage systems in the market, and more and more choices are provided for you and me. Of course, the price is also relatively high

for some consumers who want to buy good doors and windows for more than 500 yuan, is it impossible to think about it now

if you want to get your favorite products in the complex door and window market, you need to carefully identify them

if you buy doors and windows, buy brand doors and windows

for a fast-paced life, good sleep is undoubtedly the most direct way to recharge the body

install a good door and window at home to effectively reduce noise pollution and obtain high quality, high appearance, good drainage performance, excellent wind and rain protection and other functions! Don't be too comfortable




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