The decoration market is too greasy and recessive,

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In the process of decoration, there will be many unexpected emergencies. Let's follow the pace of Xiaobian to see the "greasy" phenomenon in the decoration process

there will be many unexpected emergencies in the decoration process. Let's follow Xiaobian's steps to see “ Greasy ” Phenomenon

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false publicity needs to be beware, and the extra charges are too high

many consumers who intend to invite home decoration companies to decorate their houses have found that the decoration prices of some home decoration companies are very cheap, and some are even cheaper than they think. For example, when decorating a new house, according to the standard of 100 square meters, general home decoration companies will offer a quotation of 40000-50000 yuan to 80000-90000 yuan with materials, but they also provide a design scheme and a list of decoration materials. However, the decoration quotation of some home decoration companies can be as low as 30000 yuan or even lower. For consumers, for a small or unknown company, tens of thousands of Yuan seems to be enough “ Easy ” In contrast, the cost of decoration materials may be lower than that of other companies. Consumers who do not know the truth often try to sign decoration contracts with them cheaply, and there will be a lot of extra costs in the decoration process

just two days after Ms. Li, a citizen, began to decorate, Ms. Li was informed by the decoration company that the decoration cost in the contract did not include gluing at the doorway and window, brackets behind the ceiling, waterproof treatment after toilet tiles, etc., and the decoration quality would be affected. In this way, Ms. Li had to pay “ Extra ” Decoration cost of. Instead of saving money, Ms. Li spent more than 3000 yuan. In the interview, the reporter found that Ms. Li was not the only consumer who encountered this hidden consumption trap. Many home decoration companies ostensibly offered low decoration prices for consumers, but they did not pay attention to accessories, details and other places “ Align &rdquo

there is a mystery in the combination of packages, which is not easy to use if it is good-looking

“ 203 yuan/square meter, 299 yuan/square meter, 310 yuan/square meter &hellip& hellip;& rdquo; As people's daily room decoration, this kind of price looks really attractive. Because from an intuitive point of view, even if a 100 square meter house is renovated, it will cost only 20000 or 30000 yuan, not to mention that the merchants claim to use environmentally friendly brand-name products. However, where would consumers expect this seemingly “ Transparent &rdquo The affordable and worry free decoration package is not so simple to use

in the interview, several consumers who had consumption experience felt quite a bit about it. Ms. Wang, a citizen, told the author: “ I chose a set meal of 288 yuan, which is 28800 yuan for 100 square meters. I thought that even if I made a little margin, 30000 yuan would be enough. However, after the construction, I found that many projects such as water circuit transformation, installation of doors and windows and lamps, garbage removal and transportation, etc. have to be charged separately, and some projects can't be added. In this way, I finally spent about 50000 yuan to achieve the basic decoration effect& rdquo; Other consumers also said that this pricing package was originally chosen to be economical and worry-free, but the result is often counterproductive

the construction level is uneven, “ Small action ” It is difficult to find that at present, the decoration market has been gradually standardized, but in the specific implementation process of decoration, the level of specific operators has affected the decoration quality of the company, which is a practical problem. Because consumers know little about the professional knowledge of decoration, they often don't know the inside story when the construction personnel report the required items

for example, now there are many construction workers who work in a hurry. It is often the masonry workers who carry out the first phase of construction first, and then the carpenters enter the site. According to the joinery board for making furniture, the consumption of two rooms and one hall is about ten boards. If the carpenter works in multiple places at the same time, he often “ Set cutting ”, In this way, the consumption does not increase on the surface, but woodworking can save 2 to 3 boards. Based on the market retail price of each board of about 100 yuan, woodworking can make a profit of 300 yuan, and such hidden spending consumers are unaware of it anyway

in the decoration process, consumers are most likely to ignore some low-value consumables, such as wall emulsion paint, furniture paint, furniture guide rail, etc. these materials are of little value in terms of unit price, and the construction personnel calculate the dosage according to the actual area, which can be said to be watertight and can't find any problems. For example, when making furniture and painting, if the consumer is not present, the painters tend to leave the paint a few times less, especially the current popular clear water paint furniture. If the consumer is not an expert, he will never see it. It will not be found that something is wrong until he has used it for many years. The excess paint will often be transferred to other construction sites for use, and the paint deducted by the painters in and out is his “ New profit growth point ”, And such small movements are difficult to detect by ordinary supervisors, so they are highly hidden

experts remind: decoration contracts are important rights protection vouchers

insiders remind consumers not to trust the oral promises and advertising of decoration companies when choosing decoration companies, which are promoted by various promotions and so-called “ Low price ” Attract, but should take full account of the company's brand, comprehensive strength and reputation. Signing a complete decoration contract is the best weapon for safeguarding rights. The more detailed the relevant provisions, the better. Don't be afraid of trouble. After the contract is drafted, consumers also need to carefully read every detail, such as whether the subject of the contract is clear, whether the rights and obligations are distinguished, whether there are additions or deletions added to the contract, etc., so as to avoid disputes with the decoration company due to the omission of some terms afterwards

what distinguishes decoration from other service industries is that there are many variables in the construction process, such as increasing or decreasing materials, changing projects, and changing the original design scheme. Consumers must write these contents into the contract to avoid putting themselves in a passive position due to lack of sufficient evidence in case of disputes

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